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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for ace. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like ace, you can find another word for ace here at

ace – 180 results
1. excellent(part of speech: adjective)
2. expert(part of speech: adjective)
3. Other synonyms:
manage, break, one, a-one, superman, topnotch, first-rate, flair, esthesis, headliner, friend, advantage, single, atomic number 53, deck, dab hand, integrity, accomplished, genius, master, smash, iodin, star topology, principal, lead, skillful, educated, phat, expert, whizz, superior, ability, apprehend, practiced, the Davis Cup, masterly, nab, champion, i, transliterate, queen, superstar, bunker, house of cards, ball boy, sense experience, collar, succeed, mastermind, bring off, virtuoso, deuce, arrest, hotshot, blast, hero, nail down, ball girl, proficient, past master, face card, brainiac, wizard, backswing, champ, sense impression, sweep through, wizardry, cop, masterful, thaumaturgist, veteran, great, terrific, pinpoint, sentience, triumph, card, bogey, bingle, club, sense, artist, pull off, crack, consummate, clay, nail, necromancer, professed, bogie, come together, wiz, 1, caddy, thaumaturge, cushdy, sentiency, iodine, sensory faculty, pick up, wholeness, maestro, whiz, tops, brilliance, protagonist, fighter, super, diamond, crackerjack, achieve, mavin, alley, skilled, sense datum, maven, complete, sorcerer, booster, asterisk, magician, peg, plum, boom, gifted, breeze through, sensation, best, angiotensin-converting enzyme, title-holder, accomplish, be able to do something, compleat, old hand, paladin, good, heart, birdie, unity, supporter, prodigy, oneness, professional, star, aesthesis, break point, capable, singular, versed, sail through, tiptop, admirer, adept, exponent, attain, experienced, brain, authority, dab, pass with flying colors, jack
Examples of usage:
1. When he O. K. 'd a man, that man stood ace high; but when he said " Jiggers," everybody shut up like a clam. - "Jimmie Moore of Bucktown", Melvin Earnest Trotter.
2. Well, let me see, I'll- pick- the- ace of spades. - "Literary Lapses", Stephen Leacock.
3. That hideous reptile did see you, and was within an ace of getting hold. - "The Rajah of Dah", George Manville Fenn.
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