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babbles – 19 results
1. speaks(part of speech: verb)
Examples of usage:
1. Ned Lambert, seated on the table, read on: - Or again, note the meanderings of some purling rill as it babbles on its way, tho' quarrelling with the stony obstacles, to the tumbling waters of Neptune's blue domain, 'mid mossy banks, fanned by gentlest zephyrs, played on by the glorious sunlight or 'neath the shadows cast o'er its pensive bosom by the overarching leafage of the giants of the forest. - "Ulysses", James Joyce.
2. In order to compensate herself for the silence to which young ladies are condemned, Caroline talks; or rather babbles. - "Petty Troubles of Married Life, Part First", Honore de Balzac.
3. Sometimes she talks of things that happened just recently and then again she babbles of things that took place a long time ago when we were kids. - "32 Caliber", Donald McGibeny.
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