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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for bleak. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like bleak, you can find another word for bleak here at

bleak – 302 results
1. hopeless(part of speech: adjective)
2. desolate(part of speech: adjective)
3. severe(part of speech: adjective)
4. Other synonyms:
plutonian, murky, edged, rough, frowning, pleasant, shadowy, free, tenebrific, blue, stinging, sensitive, unsheltered, solemn, hot, unornamented, dire, stark, Cimmerian, fateful, waste, bug-eyed, misty, funereal, curious, hard, pitch-dark, bare-assed, cynical, nude, unsheathed, gross, green, windy, chilling, opprobrious, stripped, slow, bare-ass, stark naked, ignominious, boisterous, dank, blasted, vague, dirty, everlasting, flat, contraband, dumb, weary, rude, disconsolate, black-market, appealing, boreal, darkening, pitch-black, desolate, piercing, in the buff, raw, naked, bad, sad, shameful, broken, stabbing, monotonous, unsanded, blank, tempestuous, shivery, subdued, light, wispy, naked as a jaybird, sore, drear, pure, wretched, fatalistic, bootleg, dimmed, sinister, unappealing, dark, somber, cold, exposed, faint, cleared, peeled, smutty, lancinate, simple, dreich, comfortless, cloudy, arctic, mordant, natural, staring, in the altogether, disastrous, au naturel, dull, inclement, saturnine, dense, unembellished, attitude, uninviting, nasty, joyless, polar, foul, glacial, disgraceful, wild, wintry, hopeless, fresh, obtuse, unattractive, turbulent, distressing, verdant, beatific, craggy, crude, mournful, consummate, foggy, tender, bitter, knifelike, calamitous, unpleasant, depressing, complete, disagreeable, arrant, stormy, sepulchral, mild, biting, unadulterated, sunless, sodding, destitute, blackened, lonesome, perfect, sunny, lancinating, nipping, pinching, marginal, plain, cutting, innocent, bare, morbid, black, double-dyed, thoroughgoing, elegiac, nippy, squally, freezing, barren, gray, new, unfinished, chill, sullen, stony, tenebrous, happy, negative, godforsaken, objectionable, darkly, inglorious, brooding, devoid, inhospitable, depressive, scanty, awful, smuggled, absent, in the raw, fatal, mere, bombed, dim, lugubrious, utter
Examples of usage:
2. In this bleak realm of upper air nothing breathed, nothing grew; there was no life but what was concentrated in their two hearts; they had climbed so high that Nature herself seemed no longer to keep them company. - "From-Twice-Told-Tales", Hawthorne, Nathaniel.
3. The church of Pendeen occupies as bleak a site as could anywhere be found in England. - "The Cornish Riviera", Sidney Heath.
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