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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for board. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like board, you can find another word for board here at

board – 275 results
1. supply(part of speech: verb)
2. court(part of speech: noun)
3. meal(part of speech: noun)
4. equally(part of speech: adverb)
5. supply(part of speech: noun)
6. council(part of speech: noun)
7. Other synonyms:
GED, baccalaureate, bar exam, bookable, poster, menu, final, mount up, bill of fare, hotel, plaque, domicile, cabal, climb on, sodality, bed and breakfast, lumber, eats, berth, fraternity, leadership, club, adobe, lodge, slat, get along with, tabular array, wit, identity card, mount, lineup, catch, plug-in, aggregate, room and board, display panel, carte du jour, gore, batten, card, harbor, get on, society, AP, aboard, get on with, bill, accommodate, brotherhood, disembarkation, aisle seat, book on, keep out, army, settle down, comprehension, bed, C of C, banner, bus, mess, hospitality tray, institute, chipboard, protection, cloze test, arr., order, come along, off, bunk, booking, minibar, advance, circuit board, the boards, housekeeping, change, age, the front office, caulk, batting order, populate, transfer, display board, inhabit, circuit card, wood pulp, mature, shape up, eleven-plus, come from, room, add-in, embark, fellowship, log, placard, gameboard, victuals, panel, chamber of commerce, be on, beam, jury, class, keep, room service, settle, visiting card, afloat, lath, mesa, boarding, asbestos, bestride, venire, table, deplane, directorate, order up, yoke, administration, stage, maturate, wag, noticeboard, carry, instrument panel, billet, stick, hop on, house, progress, take, plank, corps, bulletin board, college, guild, booking office, management, brick, quarter, control board, calling card, bestow, directory, bitumen, institution, scorecard, clinic, dialog box, brownstone, middle management, strip, posting, get along, stave, used, arrive, no, control panel, performing arts, duckboards, squat, put up, on, come on, boardroom, dining table, reside, senesce, cement, consortium, live, organization, carte, the ACT, full board, jump on, notice
Examples of usage:
1. Can you pay his board? - "Mary Rose of Mifflin", Frances R. Sterrett.
2. Any money I could earn wouldn't more than pay for a room and board somewhere. - "The Grain Of Dust A Novel", David Graham Phillips.
3. I should think I could be taken on board again to- day. - "The Golden Canyon Contents: The Golden Canyon; The Stone Chest", G. A. Henty.
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