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Bridewell – 27 results
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1. But just as she was on the point of moving off and playing the same game with the third, she was detected and committed to Bridewell. - "Lives Of The Most Remarkable Criminals Who have been Condemned and Executed for Murder, the Highway, Housebreaking, Street Robberies, Coining or other offences", Arthur L. Hayward.
2. Lawrence was eventually sent to Bridewell for a month, and the stable- boy was sent for trial, convicted, and transported to Botany Bay. - "The Parent's Assistant", Maria Edgeworth.
3. As yet they had not begun to slice off ears and to slit noses: there was no rack: nobody was tortured: nobody was branded on the hand: there was no whipping of women in Bridewell as a public show- that came later: there was no flogging at the cart tail. - "The History of London", Walter Besant.
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