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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for change. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like change, you can find another word for change here at

change – 505 results
1. variety(part of speech: noun)
2. deviate(part of speech: verb)
3. invert(part of speech: verb)
4. substitute(part of speech: verb)
5. change(part of speech: noun)
6. substitution(part of speech: noun)
7. money(part of speech: noun)
8. change(part of speech: verb)
9. changes(part of speech: noun)
10. convert(part of speech: verb)
11. conversion(part of speech: noun)
12. Other synonyms:
agitate, potpourri, reposition, removal, mutation, channelise, mutation, review, give something a try, shift, try your hand at something, redoing, assortment, interchange, clean, renewing, price, denominate, baby milk, shuffle, substitutable, salmagundi, consistency, lighten, swop, qualification, revolution, convert, retreat, brush, revamping, counterchange, draw back, legal tender, alienate, tilt, switch over, waver, bread, board, sort out, novelty, turn into, resolution, escapism, pitch, spay, falsify, stabilization, long green, transfigure, blast, move, peel off, miscellanea, supplant, gray, jumping-off point, Also above, renounce, flip, compression, intensify, revise, amount, sample, depart, begin, pass, aberration, part, activity, lap, alternate, transmogrification, shift, vicissitude, binge, modification, bucks, back away, shop around, appropriation, bleed, interchange, veer, innovation, coin, put something on the slate, adaption, transformation, win over, transmit, amusement, interpolate, chips, wavering, replaceable, make way (for), doff, dislodge, disembarkation, enthusiasm, remove, wane, crowd pleaser, bureau de change, common currency, fluctuation, variation, jack, deepen, alter, castrate, turning, modify, departure, transmit, transmutation, smorgasbord, wobble, landfall, exchange, substitute, tack, get out of, transmutation, banknote, compound, innovation, pick up after, throw, heighten, brighten, green, layover, miscellany, regeneration, turn, take back, unsay, abjure, distortion, clear out, vicissitude, blacken, transplant, reorganization, oscillate, limiting, readjustment, revolution, pelf, constancy, modify, tender, alteration, transformation, baby talk, give way, flip-flop, fade, backtrack, vary, fluctuate, conversion, qualifying, adoption, browse, get on, scatter, substitution, bailout, vary, transfer, swervo, tidy, remaking, pull away, get, diversify, variegate, cot death, fitting, reassign, diversion, turn your hand to something, supersede, mellow, commute, check out, decimalise, small change, chicken feed, pull off, budget, change direction/course, form, transubstantiation, setting, diverseness, correction, diversity, kick off, deviation, remodel, barter, catch, oscillation, diversity, lurch, hit the town/street, etc., addition, neuter, exchange, shrink, Wax, mixture, withdraw from, variety show, renovation, transition, blood money, vicissitude, kale, transfigure, pick up, transmute, inflection, commute, convince, renewal, narrowing, variation, revolutionise, strike out, sort, development, modulate, transform, evolution, renewal, permute, modification, diversify, stir, recant, advance, retract, drop-off, about-face, substitute, the home stretch, contraction, colic, remodeling, on, convertible, bounty, innovation, basket, disrobe, change over, qualify, cash flow, multifariousness, recast, kind, convert, bottle-feed, delight, departure, shekels, enlargement, move, refashioning, careen, break with, renew, alter, changeover, leg, revolution, vacillate, variety, clean out, refinement, back, deplane, crib death, metamorphose, port of call, variety, transport, warp, channel, ups and downs, fling off, shop, turn, innovate, bandy, reciprocate, reconstruction, tamper with, make into, flicker, off, mixed bag, lolly, burp, succeed, cabbage, reversal, flutter, clean up, breastfeed, reworking, motley, branch out, relieve, inconstancy, replace, quarters, reverse, variety, moola, alteration, exchange, stand aside, transform, game-changing, channelize, transfer, alteration, go, straighten up, alter, budge, improvisation, enjoyment, transmute, embark, decimalize, veering, rearrangement, base currency, vacillation, vary, rotation, needful, bleach
Examples of usage:
1. Look first and see if the change is right. - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.
2. " How two years change everything! - "Paul Patoff", F. Marion Crawford.
3. I don't see any change in his own. - "The Gold of Chickaree", Susan Warner.
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