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check – 1126 results
1. blemish(part of speech: noun)
2. list(part of speech: verb)
3. examine(part of speech: verb)
4. money(part of speech: noun)
5. experiment(part of speech: verb)
6. reject(part of speech: verb)
7. variegate(part of speech: verb)
8. list(part of speech: noun)
9. hinder(part of speech: verb)
10. blemish(part of speech: verb)
11. dissuade(part of speech: verb)
12. oppose(part of speech: verb)
13. controlled(part of speech: verb)
14. negate(part of speech: verb)
15. ascertain(part of speech: verb)
16. Other synonyms:
look-see, go over, break in, hit, reckoning, hold, underscore, prepare, aim, feel out, ticking, reveal, cleft, going-over, stamp, checkpoint, read, checkup, take care, obstructer, air rage, stigmatize, bust, patchwork, run across, instruct, go against, configuration, get in, take for, chipping, blockage, snap, confine, micro chip, microchip, plaid, teach, promise, booth, civilise, look, reserve, search, shape, stigmatise, meet, tabloid, pair, tour of duty, checker, weaken, run down, turn back, equip, obtain, train, kibosh, airlink, poker chip, cope with, retick, gibe, play off, tab key, nail, keep in line, memorise, intermit, pause, revert, pasteboard, ratification, hindrance, view, transgress, check into, bounce, watch over, hold up, quilt, rail, match, close, fix, chalk up, arrestment, represent, carry, lead, baulk, discover, underline, punctuate, cultivate, investigation, fall apart, taking into custody, balk, array, drop, column, tell, change course, soften, arrest, retrovert, attend, mold, stop consonant, squash, restriction, oblige, pit, expiration, bump, sign, harmonize, pinch, beat, consort, tag, tally, add, cross out, expose, wait, split, suss out, air mile, lapse, chink, manipulate, highlight, experience, restraint, follow up, maintain, verification, tame, remittance, give up, impediment, realize, wear out, offset, tone down, backtrack, memorize, look-see, obstruction, stop, split up, come across, watch out, envision, go out, click, make, hinderance, die, trammel, suit, command, find, ruin, visualise, show up, flout, apply, ascertain, fissure, distinguish, gambit, sustain, add up, comparison, get wind, nab, break away, develop, caret, tot up, cover, operate, mark off, pass, control, lay off, crack, wear, cutoff, tab, kerb, coloration, bankrupt, lapse, range, drive off, founder, figure, barrack, concord, come apart, grade, chequebook, hold on, accommodate, agent provocateur, confirmation, make up one's mind, biopsy, disablement, jeer, go for, handicap, secure, sum up, slow down, ticktock, harbor, crock up, halt, chip shot, ticktack, entertain, interference, temper, insure, blockade, touch, decide, burst, look up, comprise, break out, couple, expiration, infract, block up, checkmark, chair, offset, stamp down, chase away, discontinue, take hold, break off, stroke, obligate, learn, clink, image, drive away, apprehend, conclusion, enlistment, gybe, separate, slow, cervical smear, break dance, run off, crisp, enclose, disability, baggage allowance, chessman, subdue, look into, accord, go through, layover, encumbrance, take aim, confines, check off, gather, reckon, tote up, hobble, snap off, damp, terminate, cellar, summate, kick downstairs, dispel, stipulate, assay, hang-up, strike out, preventive, examination, tinkle, divulge, ensure, keep an eye on, impairment, accompanied baggage, shutdown, let on, prohibit, pick up, qualify, fall in, discontinuance, impedimenta, incorporate, baggage storage, sound out, break down, outfit, crevice, recrudesce, drive out, airfare, stricture, denounce, cranny, break up, trail, coach, guard, support, label, mince, specify, deterrent, checkbook, twin, Amber alert, line, limitation, clampdown, settle, apprehension, go bad, amniocentesis, encounter, limit, declare, cutoff, chip, breach, break through, acquire, jib, deposition, deem, scout, get out, school, get a line, flake, trouble, offend, hold off, scrutiny, ending, point, occlusion, pay, yellow journalism, regress, have got, arrangement, get in the way of something, reach, tour, freeze, bear, period, look on, brown-bag, adjudge, regulate, run into, escort, visit, checkout, castle, curb, guarantee, let out, defeat, tot, closure, blow in, perusal, duty tour, obstructor, cross off, give out, termination, correspond, rein, avoid, find out, tink, underwrite, prevail, substantiation, monitor, arrive, chink, conk out, see, defend, have, disclose, follow, turn up, BYO, discipline, cave in, retard, chronology, stand for, circumscription, start, part, blank check, ending, bishop, autopsy, bridle, get word, inspection, set, check mark, cranny, cessation, get, harbour, cashier's check, watch, diaphragm, larn, agree, nock, stoppage, smash, plot, buffalo chip, date, con, cow chip, chit, proof, break, tick, APB, full stop, visualize, define, pull in, take in, occlusive, scribble, check up on, equal, bring out, bank check, square up, collar, cheque, fail, reassure, gaze, go steady, tick off, hear, close, term of enlistment, decelerate, moderate, clue, knock something on the head, curbing, differentiate, checkout time, educate, hold back, validation, see to it, closedown, arrestment, equalise, incumbrance, CT scan, splintering, check-out procedure, termination, star, catch out, plosive speech sound, arabesque, look out, rack up, master, curb bit, hold in, interpret, mate, crevice, unwrap, cow dung, nurse, return, checkout counter, bind, surcease, delay, bill of fare, fissure, direct, keep back, condition, throw, give, get around, articulation, delve, go, embarrass, chessboard, rub, strike off, capture, scoff, clean up, silicon chip, aerial, relegate, conceal, quit, regard, crack up, grand master, give away, end, view as, chequer, keep, preventative, fit, shutdown, all-you-can-eat, conclusion, blood test, bus, check over, equalize, finish, potato chip, collapse, hitch, contain, go off, full point, construe, correct, equate, cop, limited, checkmate, take, analysis, stare, pasteboard, pass, stop over, inhibition, jibe, block off, hieroglyphics, plosive, cut-off, CAT scan, Stop, check stub, argyle, check out, sort out, due diligence, realise, discontinuation, boundary, project, lozenge, influence, microprocessor chip, airline, all-points bulletin, constraint, plosive consonant, stay, closedown, shutoff, chasten, shutoff, fall over, admit, determine, asterisk, witness, pill, cease, cut back, bit, slow up, chess, groom, rival, hash mark, forbear, square off, violate, foil, understand, fit out, baggage check, notice, check card, civilize, conform to, diagnosis, dollar sign, limp, fancy, arrow, better, conquer, withstand, demote, give way, cleft, come off, pock, retain, look around, continue, commemorate, picture, fit in, dig, check on, concur, rafter, barricade, double back, mark out, harmonise, stopover, add together
Examples of usage:
1. " Then I'm afraid you'll be disappointed," Grahame said, and Walthew picked up the check, which still lay on the table. - "The Coast of Adventure", Harold Bindloss.
2. Maybe we ought to check her out. - "The Colonists", Raymond F. Jones.
3. Why should I check my tears? - "A Life of St. John for the Young", George Ludington Weed.
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