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company – 330 results
1. crew(part of speech: noun)
2. friend(part of speech: noun)
3. business(part of speech: noun)
4. Other synonyms:
order, black tie, assembly, gang, meeting, conference, troupe, blind date, tribe, conclave, attach to, familiarity, knot, chorus, visit, account, partnership, cap'n, meeting, contingent, comradeship, caller, collection, agency, group, guild, gathering, association, convocation, visitor, event, ballerina, follow, lodge, crowd, ballet, companionship, party, cheerleader, throng, associates, advance guard, bon ton, assembly, congress, cohort, federation, docker, troupe, posse, assemblage, conjunction, socialite, captain, entertain, faction, crewman, political party, alliance corporation, house, people, rapport, anchor, sight, competition, throng, phoner, beau monde, high society, go with, brotherhood, ship's company, caller-out, drill team, social club, coffee klatch, do, friendship, meeting, congregation, convention, league, community, participation, guest of honor, connect, confederacy, firm, visitant, buccaneer, reconciliation, union, convocation, link, wing, coalition, throng, bosun, assemblage, conference, caller-up, congregation, man about town, accompanied, party animal, crowd, communion, alliance, agent, association, smart set, relations, escort, multitude, invitee, companion, play along, tie, command, society, phalanx, evening, acquaintance, gild, muster, concourse, chemistry, affiliate, host, chorus line, consort, intercourse, connection, confederacy, community, fellowship, dinner party, circle, crew, party, companionship, combination, horde, hostess, come with, acquisition, telephoner, confederation, band, column detachment, keep company, corps de ballet, group, corps, organization, base, boatman, levy, friends, chorus girl, get-together, conclave, amuse, troop, partygoer, family, collection, camaraderie, fringe, big business, muster, relationship, the biz, collect, attend, blue chip, conversazione, convention, society, accompany, congregation, go hand in hand with, comradery, performing arts, conviviality, gathering, fraternity, dancer, guest, boatswain, cavalry
Examples of usage:
1. But see, the company is broke up, let's meet 'em. - "The Double-Dealer", William Congreve.
2. The company had gone. - "Gargoyles", Ben Hecht.
3. But I am often my own- good company- He stopped and rose. - "The Gay Cockade", Temple Bailey.
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