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crunch – 204 results
1. Other synonyms:
crack, juncture, insufficiency, quagmire, nightmare, zero hour, boiling point, puppy love, emergency, bodybuilding, scarcity, inspect, shortage, prove, blast, check, chow down, chomp, chump, lack, the point of no return, mash, hee-haw, dig, crunch time, clamor, head, labor, champ, lacuna, project, Dunkirk, trouble, aerobics, chat up, mouth, extremity, chew, extremity, blare, click, inadequateness, economic squeeze, battle, buzz, masticate, scrutinize, scarceness, drought, crump, inadequacy, climax, clutch, screech, scantiness, zero hour, conjuncture, poverty, failure, crossroad, crash around, romance, demolish, juncture, calisthenics, grate, burble, want, boom, boxercise, inadequacy, deficit, famine, coquette, rattle, pinch, crossroad, scrunch, toil, coquet, bang, circuit training, shortage, bolt, drought, tragedy, calculate, flirt, undersupply, jam, aerobic, assess, dally, beep, blow, chin-up, babble, determine, go over, crush, breaking point, philander, flash point, cannibalize, drudge, flash point, comminute, bend, crepitate, peak, famine, stress, head, the burn, crackle, want, reckon, grind, compute, concretion, chaw, count, inadequateness, dearth, add up, splash, clack, devour, burst, groan, cough, paucity, pinch, calf love, tight spot, difficulty, rumble, breaking point, lack, aquarobics, choke down, thud, estimate, milestone, compression, monitor, crisis, lacuna, deficit, craunch, clamour, densification, the moment of truth, gnash, crossroads, scarcity, cacophony, compaction, clutch, poverty, butterfly, review, crushed leather, tinderbox, failure, boiling point, watershed, labour, squash, scarceness, Dunkirk, insufficiency, scraunch, undersupply, exigency, dearth, conjuncture, worst-case scenario, squeeze, travail, press, examine, clatter, scantiness, study, bite, exigency, scranch, moil, turning point, thunder, crunch time, highlight, cranch, tinderbox, bray, hell, ordeal, munch, squelch, infatuation, check over, ding, paucity
Examples of usage:
1. She drew quickly back, however, as the crunch of calked boots sounded on the porch. - "Lost Farm Camp", Harry Herbert Knibbs.
2. And with these two last words of the King's sentence- terse, remorseless in the simplicity of its barbarous logic- the heavy knob sticks swept down with a horrid crunch as of the pulverising of bones. - "The Triumph of Hilary Blachland", Bertram Mitford.
3. They seemed to crunch against the metal floor- magnetic flooring- grapples. - "Space Tug", Murray Leinster.
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