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desolate – 212 results
1. destroy(part of speech: verb)
2. Other synonyms:
pine away, disconsolate, somber, lonesome, ravaged, Cimmerian, unconsolable, alienated, dreary, harry, raw, saturnine, estranged, complete, isolated, unsheathed, downhearted, arrant, bleak, plutonian, keep, consume, scanty, simple, devastated, black, lugubrious, spare, gross, crude, wretched, dolorous, disused, stern, staring, blow, drear, blue, inconsolable, forsake, stripped, adrift, derelict, happy, dismal, sepulchral, uncrowded, destroyed, dejected, gray, friendless, sodding, unfertile, flagellate, lorn, unhappy, deserted, dim, unornamented, neutralise, cloudy, desert, tenebrous, do in, cold, dreich, blunt, pure, sad, wasted, down, blasted, dysphoric, bare, plain, stark, bereft, dead, double-dyed, destitute, hollow, lonely, languish, defect, tenebrific, wistful, low, spiritless, forgotten, melancholy, help, light, melancholy, happy, elegiac, unadulterated, nude, impoverished, consummate, gloomy, sad, melancholic, perfect, bony, give up, ware, clear, solemn, dark, glum, empty, mere, murky, chill, forsaken, squander, depressive, devastate, rejected, full, joyless, unfrequented, severe, infertile, thoroughgoing, morbid, vacant, waste, dismal, sullen, vacate, depressed, abandoned, poor, liquidate, unfinished, miserable, unembellished, free, downcast, void, knock off, barren, scourge, downcast, macerate, naked, utter, dull, darkening, run off, ruined, blue, sunless, inhospitable, devoid, alone, comfortless, au naturel, forlorn, everlasting, dire, neutralize, austere, cheerless, funereal, innocent, godforsaken, abandon, uninhabited, depressing, morose, desolated, marginal, cutting, blank, lay waste to, depopulate, heavy-hearted, tristful, ravage, vacated, dispirited, emaciate, rot, gloomy, unproductive, hardscrabble
Examples of usage:
1. It arose from her being so desolate. - "Sara Crewe", Frances Hodgson Burnett.
2. I am so desolate! - "Dorothy at Oak Knowe", Evelyn Raymond.
3. It was some time since they had found Verneille lying high upon the desolate range, and this was still the only thing which seemed to bear out his comrade's story. - "The Gold Trail", Harold Bindloss.
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