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domain – 247 results
1. region(part of speech: noun)
2. property(part of speech: noun)
3. arena(part of speech: noun)
4. area(part of speech: noun)
5. Other synonyms:
binomial, land, orbit, reach, acres, existence, approximation, department, electron orbit, preserve, corridor, decimal place, creation, commonwealth, claim, bag, vault of heaven, compass, domain of a function, celestial sphere, farming, solid ground, public, cranial orbit, anonymous FTP, blind certificate, landing field, scope, humankind, field of operation, terrain, abacus, arena, field of honor, line, playing area, human beings, airfield, border, mankind, region, acreage, front, theatre of operations, ABEND, eye socket, discipline, fief, field of study, welkin, address, walk, demesne, field of operations, specialty, element, universe, subject field, blogosphere, empyrean, calculation, humans, globe, study, expanse, field of force, business, heavens, body politic, belt, champaign, scene, bookmark, computational, worldly concern, man, account name, realm, average, stadium, line of business, conservancy, plain, world, barony, conservation area, sphere, knowledge base, dry land, field, sports stadium, knowledge domain, athletic field, ambit, earthly concern, landed estate, orbital cavity, flying field, bowl, subject area, field of view, earth, macrocosm, humanity, fiefdom, access number, theatre, soil, human race, populace, playing field, terra firma, game, res publica, cosmos, celestial orbit, scene of action, range, deviation, theater of operations, surface area, Boolean, sphere of influence, firmament, field of battle, Bluetooth, battleground, countdown, subject, area, algorithm, force field, reality
Examples of usage:
1. It was Gillian's own domain and he had never asked to visit it. - "The Shadow of the East", E. M. Hull.
2. We will retire into our own domain. - "The Maid of Orleans A Tragedy", Frederich Schiller.
3. These hills, desolate of aspect, belong to the neighboring domain and are in the department of the Correze. - "The Village Rector", Honore de Balzac.
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