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exterminate – 111 results
1. destroy(part of speech: verb)
2. kill(part of speech: verb)
3. Other synonyms:
poach, kill off, clean, eradicate, uproot, end, take someone's life, reverse, erase, prohibit, supplant, suppress, blot out, clear, stamp, expel, expunge, stamp out, extinguish, sweep, make an end of, subvert, overthrow, hunt out, annihilate, black out, hunt, bag, make, eradicate, root, put down, put an end to, extirpate, efface, destroy, extirpate, annul, repeal, pot, wipe out, remove, root out, cull, nullify, uproot, bump off, abate, deracinate, obliterate, snuff out, banish, set aside, rub out, revoke, cancel, terminate, abrogate, carry off, help
Examples of usage:
1. In 586 the temple had been destroyed, but that was practically only an incident in or the consequence of the destruction of the city; but Antiochus had made a deliberate attempt to exterminate the Jewish religion. - "Introduction to the Old Testament", John Edgar McFadyen.
2. The last words we distinguished as they increased their distance, were a threat to exterminate us during the night, if we dared to remain in their country. - "Ismailia", Samuel W. Baker.
3. If a man does not exterminate his rivals they will exterminate him. - "The Inside of the Cup, Complete", Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009.
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