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2. There are four annual fa- kil' ceremonies, and each is performed by a different person. - "The Bontoc Igorot", Albert Ernest Jenks.
3. He commences by the study of the three sounds constituting the major triad, and, as in the model gamut, or gamut of do, there are three similar triads, three perfect major chords, do- mi- sol, fa- la- do, and sol- si- re, we begin naturally with the central chord, do- mi- sol, which we name the master chord; for, in the model gamut of do, it is around this, as around a centre, that the two other triads balance themselves, the lower fifth, fa- la- do, and the higher fifth, sol- si- re. - "Guide to the Kindergarten and Intermediate Class and Moral Culture of Infancy.", Elizabeth P. Peabody Mary Mann.
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