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fabricators – 15 results
1. producers(part of speech: noun)
Examples of usage:
1. The principal fabricators of these houses and their addresses are: General Houses, Inc. - "A Living from the Land", William B. Duryee.
2. It was a satisfaction to me, however, to reflect, that, if I had not examined this very considerable inlet, it would have been assumed, by speculative fabricators of geography, as a fact, that it communicated with the sea to the north, or with Baffin's or Hudson's Bay to the east; and been marked, perhaps, on future maps of the world, with greater precision, and more certain signs of reality, than the invisible, because imaginary, Straits of de Fuca and de Fonte. - "A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 16", Robert Kerr.
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