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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for face. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like face, you can find another word for face here at

face – 474 results
1. line(part of speech: verb)
2. appearance(part of speech: noun)
3. outward(part of speech: adjective)
4. contend(part of speech: verb)
5. defy(part of speech: verb)
6. front(part of speech: noun)
7. confront(part of speech: verb)
8. Other synonyms:
position, vista, exhibit, spirit, mouth, reputation, take care, certitude, facing, fount, profile, look, feeling, front, facet, uppishness, acquaint, expect, countenance, breast, status, pillow slip, hardihood, make the best of something, font, showcase, standing, instance, visage, copper, view, prospect, hypotenuse, coloring, chops, fob, lay out, cairn, guise, crest, example, the brow, person, reflexion, wait, crust, familiarity, sit, forehead, depend, expression, pretext, circumference, demonstrate, contour, map, flavor, award, cover, saying, set, impertinence, audaciousness, submit, guinea pig, typesetter's case, come under, cheek, the many, status, snoot, visage, escarpment, face up, slope, baby, looking at, manifestation, nervus, nature, aspect, life, mettle, factor, baptismal font, fish, sector, positiveness, incivility, flavour, typeface, incur, sauciness, demo, change, deliver, glare, show, perimeter, caseful, introduce, masquerade, character, insolence, gloss, impudency, effrontery, false colors, express, kisser, side, rear, pan, calculate, veneer, scowl, conviction, mug, address, boldness, opposite, cast, be (caught/stuck) between a rock and a hard place, grammatical case, Look, crown, bod, color, semblance, undergo, incline, pillowcase, standing, puss, take something on board, appearance, administration, complexion, surety, brass, demeanour, LCD, corner, brashness, people, enter, audacity, skin, event, pout, window-dressing, scene, pretense, concentrate, assurance, appearance, guise, attend, doubtlessness, devil, up front, brassiness, grimace, cloak, causa, satisfaction, count, duck, soul, bill, smell, dignity, human face, guy, past, facade, humanity, not know where/which way to turn, body, styling, compositor's case, rudeness, being, human being, brass instrument, organisation, feature, spunk, countenance, formulation, exist, temerity, externals, courtesy, thing, overconfidence, prestige, nerviness, silhouette, appear, suit, behind, present, search, physiognomy, verbal expression, frontage, play, go through, under/in the guise of, egg, hand, sureness, minute hand, society, man, long face, organization, gall, cast (of countenance), establishment, cause, heart, in the background, nerve, quality, frown, crag, brae, impudence, features, take up, facial expression, verbalism, head, folk, reflection, creature, crystal, forwardness, display case, coinage, plaque, veil, slob, bird, be in the grip of something, tone, side of meat, human, coin, certainty, component, cash, property, discourtesy, see about, brazenness, combat, governance, vitrine, ride, peculiarity, customer, movement, mien, your fellow man/men, feel, facet, rearmost, mask, eccentric, eye, reckon, sheath, hardihood, cheekiness, baptistery, shell, subject, hour hand, suffer, disguise, cusp, plane, physiognomy, bucks, outside, endure, daring, buttock, aspect, locution, tackle, casing, precede, dial, presumptuousness, give, center, slip, appearance, sort, muzzle, assumption, cast, belong, expression, race, cookie, personage, presumption, moue, cap, construction, looking, get, duel, name, brink, contest, sauce, bet, wight, audacity, be in dire/desperate straits, frontal, features, assurance, individual, strikingness, baptistry, brass section, gift, frontispiece, effect, meet, insolence, top, lawsuit, assuredness, uppityness, stage, banknote, in front, grammatical construction, attitude, governing body, pose, confront, disrespect, memorial tablet, handle, chutzpah, front, type, impertinence, at someone's heels, sauciness, disc, LED, case, shamelessness, formula, mortal, put-on, mow, impudence, disguisement, respect, bread, cocksureness, lineaments, await, looks, effrontery, divide, lower, pertness, occupy, panorama, lie, see, presumption, represent, party, portray, pushiness, hardiness, self-respect, there is/are etc., salute, seeming, stiff, facial gesture, fountain, seem, specimen, sassiness, do something
Examples of usage:
1. " So you didn't see his face? - "The Boy Scouts on a Submarine", Captain John Blaine.
2. He must have seen, by the look on my face, that I was thinking that. - "Guy Garrick", Arthur B. Reeve.
3. You don't look things in the face. - "The Project Gutenberg Plays of John Galsworthy, Complete", John Galsworthy.
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