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For – 84 results
1. Other synonyms:
given, therefore, positive, concerned, as long as, hence, supportive, seeing, by virtue of something, rate, fee, in/with regard to, accordingly, thus, ready, during, amenable, owing to, now, willing, play date, the last minute, pleased/only too pleased to do something, affirmative, concerning, sell-by date, pro, throughout, bill, in relation to, expense, for the duration, on account of, partial, sympathetic, obliging, over, price, because, by, being, due date, worth, knock-on, delighted, in the midst of something, side, inclined, in light of something, as for, inasmuch as, yielding, in consequence of the fact that, consequently, timing, in connection with something, offer, deadline, in view of something, through, regarding, within, outlay, devoted, whereas, due, sunset provision, prepared to do something, time limit, charge, cost, in, ensuing, about, approving, since, due to, considering, as a consequence/in consequence, closing date, as, interested, at, from
Examples of usage:
1. There's the Hochwaldian for you!" - "The Unspeakable Perk", Samuel Hopkins Adams.
2. Does he care for that? - "Bird of Paradise", Ada Leverson.
3. Now I know him for what he is. - "Steve Yeager", William MacLeod Raine.
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