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From – 66 results
1. Other synonyms:
direct, stick out, belong to, long, protuberant, bound for something, backward, up, all the way, outside, go over to, at, dues, accordingly, oncoming, from all sides, out, jut, inaugurate, therefore, admission, beginning with, thus, ahead, across, down, back, of, protrude, against, admit, among, bulge, around, knock-on, as a consequence/in consequence, long-distance, amid, into, forward, far, failing, ensuing, overhang, in distinction to, consequently, co-opt, onward, about, project, cum, little, bulging, further, prominent, stick up, aboard, out of, accept, away, by virtue of something, advancing, barring, hence, apart, entrance
Examples of usage:
1. " Where did they come from? - "The Crimson Sweater", Ralph Henry Barbour.
2. One was from Diana. - "The Testing of Diana Mallory", Mrs. Humphry Ward.
3. You must get that from Ukozi, if he will tell. - "A Frontier Mystery", Bertram Mitford.
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