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gas – 256 results
1. gas(part of speech: noun)
2. fuel(part of speech: noun)
3. Other synonyms:
muck up, be adrift, go on, jaw, massacre, brag, sap, turgidness, bombast, anabolic steroid, get-up-and-go, prate, rant, blow out, ginger, benzene, jabber, fossil fuel, speed up, snap, magniloquence, coal-fired, fumble, babble, chatter, heavy weapon, spoil, small talk, shove along, flub, gasolene, suck, drive, yak, botch, barrel, blow, shooter, petrol, feature, prattle, mishandle, splosh, black gold, hot air, bounce, laughter, feast, liquid, gun for hire, strangle, howl, run on, propellant, fluff, dynamism, waffle, joy, screw up, clack, chitchat, crude, joke, foul up, assassinate, zip, delectation, fumes, go, mess up, throttle, palaver, grandiloquence, bump off, spiel, vaunt, kick, run off at the mouth, hoot, absurdity, accelerator, rodomontade, float, carbon, pep, hurry, squander, gunman, triggerman, vim, speed, punch, zing, throttle valve, capacity, step on it, gasoline, bobble, kill, bumble, move fast, panic, dash, antacid, bluster, gaseous state, treat, juice, antibiotic, talk through your hat, diesel, splash, particle accelerator, tout, burn, bull, blab, braggadocio, flatulence, sport, hired gun, burp, torpedo, starch, exterminate, ordnance, cockalorum, drift, biomass, burn out, boast, biogas, louse up, oomph, words, oratory, hitman, manna, natural gas, muff, bollix up, bollocks, amphetamine, turgidity, biofuel, splatter, gusto, gun, riot, catalyst, wind, accelerator pedal, belch, scream, atom smasher, gas pedal, grease-gun, vinegar, murder, plash, antidepressant, anaesthetic, gasconade, slaughter, chat, flatulent, gunslinger, bollocks up, vitality, energy, artillery, fart, brio, hardihood, hot air, blow off, antidote, spatter, swagger, swash, chlorofluorocarbon, hit man, verbiage, dispatch, ball up, esprit, fluid, gab, life, shoot a line, moxie, botch up, go down on, shove off, analgesic, blabber, laugh, bollix, fellate, anesthetic, fanfaronade, CFC, take someone's life, high-octane, fustian, gasohol, anticoagulant, pleasure, beans, gossip, verve, flatulency, bodge, grandiloquence, waste, bungle
Examples of usage:
1. They had been killed by our gas attack which had gone before the battle. - "From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917", Philip Gibbs.
2. Is it desirable to have more of the gas formed before or after the mixture is placed in the oven? - "School and Home Cooking", Carlotta C. Greer.
3. I had let so much gas out of my balloon that I could not rise again, and in a few minutes the earth closed over my head. - "Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz", L. Frank Baum..
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