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hum – 103 results
1. rumble(part of speech: noun)
2. rumble(part of speech: verb)
3. Other synonyms:
it/that depends, growl, sing, bombinate, vibrate, sing in an undertone, sing without articulation, baton, burr, hectic, seethe, moan, chirp, resonate, beat out, I dare say, lively, humming, buzz, sing low, thrum, bang out, peak, pulsate, whir, zoom, not that I'm aware of, hum a tune, arrange, sounds, frenzy, blast, whir, presumably, roar, I would think/imagine/hope etc., back, reportedly, rumor/word/legend has it that, murmur, make a buzzing sound, croon, clunk, groan, atmospherics, bombilate, boil, madhouse, chirr, pitch, sound, busyness, warble, accompany, bumble, whiz, perhaps, resound, busy season, blast away, chirrup, strum, Grand Central Station, purr, whisper, churr, bum, carol, maybe, bustling, articulation, thud
Examples of usage:
1. And now Chanways was a force in the Church and the country, and was making things hum. - "The Rough Road", William John Locke.
2. It would come up the wind on the scent of my bee box and hum about it precisely like a real bee. - "Ways of Nature", John Burroughs.
3. A hum passed down the street; it rose to a chuckle, and then fell away to sudden silence, for Donnegan was coming. - "Gunman's Reckoning", Max Brand.
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