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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for jabbering. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like jabbering, you can find another word for jabbering here at

jabbering – 63 results
1. speaking(part of speech: verb)
2. meaningless(part of speech: adjective)
3. speech(part of speech: noun)
4. Other synonyms:
Examples of usage:
1. There was a good deal of jabbering, and once more I saw, through a loophole out of which I was looking, the sable army approaching. - "Paddy Finn", W. H. G. Kingston.
2. He peered at the Indians, who now were jabbering among themselves and making lamenting sounds as they glanced about at the ruins of the ancient village. - "The Hohokam Dig", Theodore Pratt.
3. He appeared to be highly pleased at seeing us, and began jabbering away in a language which neither Guy nor I could understand. - "Adventures in Australia", W.H.G. Kingston.
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