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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for keep. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like keep, you can find another word for keep here at

keep – 574 results
1. withdraw(part of speech: verb)
2. prison(part of speech: noun)
3. permanently(part of speech: adverb)
for good, forever, for always, finally
4. grip(part of speech: verb)
5. conserve(part of speech: verb)
6. Other synonyms:
hold, dungeon, halt, bell tower, nurse, take note, hold, proceed, come up, make unnecessary, aliment, lay by, cover, suppress, put up, campanile, come on, slide by, mind, pull in, what (has) happened to something, take, fulfil, nutriment, honor, support, accommodate, harbour, hang on, how, fulfil, preservation, confirm, accompaniment, reinforcement, watch, commemorate, victuals, price, hand over, give, place, slip away, hold in, handgrip, stay on, prevent, wield, pass, contain, hang in, cargo hold, concord, forestall, hold open, remark, admit, bear the cost/expense etc., hold out, care and feeding, meet, entertain, conserving, take hold, preserve, pull through, eke out, come through, determine, make, amass, observe, conserving, disburse, clench, embalm, go along, lapse, yield, prolongation, heap, asseverate, affirm, hoard, move, progress, continue, deem, set back, cure, kindly, note, set by, take place, remain, refrain, delay, what's gotten into someone?, draw out, stock, hap, perpetuate, run, embarrass, commemorate. signalise, stockpile, bear, donjon, view as, alimentation, keep your word, linger, have in, husband, rein, detain, funding, cache, write, stay, curb, preserving, intimidate, help, limit, curb, go, keep down, confine, fulfill, obtain, preserve, trammel, follow, go on, maintenance, jog along, conservation, glide by, preserve, stay fresh, stick to, concur, casbah, bound, bill, keep going, bailey, fee, keep back, suffer, nurse, postponement, parry, pass off, extend, hold back, spare, life, spend, protect, put by, remain, contribute, conservation, ward off, impede, hand, forbid, stay the course, deliver, burn, defy, occur, just, secure, direct, lionize, preservation, repulse, economise, perform, appreciation, documentation, go forward, aliveness, got, lay away, assert, own, bring through, anyway, reenforcement, constrain, sustain, brake, detect, upkeep, conduct, walk on, dry, pass on, preserving, clutch, occupy, pay, capture, move on, do, sustain, throw, celebrate, support, conserving, come about, stay behind, cost, stick around, restrict, adhere, back up, castle, control, restraint, pickle, charge, conform, sidetrack, browse, store, obey, command, manage, regulate, save, belfry, season, tend, implement, prolong, withhold, storage area, perform, salvage, lay in, preclude, turn back, provide for, archive, outlay, level, sustentation, suppress, worth, encumber, forbear, agree, hold up, carry through, declare, immure, do with, inhibit, hold over, hoard, celebrate, time lag, deposit, find, rate, present, nourishment, maintain, keep an eye on, abide by, go for, lay up, custody, regularize, tarry, follow, string out, care and feeding, put, detainment, fund, follow through, preservation, fall out, part with, exist, author, throttle, flow, hold to, backing, chateau, fasten, restrict, musical accompaniment, discharge, execute, persist, obey, substantiate, sorted, forge ahead, salve, sit, mew (up), trammel, stay with, retain, bread and butter, guard , there is/are etc., conform, stop, lay aside, hold off, put off, possess, retain, handle, belong, refrain, set aside, detain, book, hold on, notice, solemnize, keep up, slip by, moderate, support, conceal, possess, clasp, sustenance, stand, uphold, restrain, maintain, prevail, continue, detain, fetter, chatelaine, carry, cover, solemnise, get on, obey, detention, discover, corroborate, spin out, economize, conservation, belong to, advance, withhold, obstruct, happen, save up, adjudge, sustainment, sustain, clutches, fete, same, preserving, bind, exercise, observe, abide by, check, observe, get, store up, guard, standardize, mention, shut up, relieve, backup, oblige, head, what has/will become of, expense, store, avert, arrest, endure, care and feeding, respect, cure, livelihood, bit, pen, cumber, coop, honour, exert, lay up, allow, carry out, repress, celebrate, distribute, invest in, administer, pay out, check, elapse, where has someone/something gotten to?, endure, burn in, cargo area, comply, cargo deck, comply, stall, restrain, retain, persevere, living, financial backing, nutrition, accept, concentrate, bear on, grasp, persist in, keep someone waiting, wait, apply, minister to, beat off, keep open, grip, nourish, call up, finance, control, care for, last, maintain, supporting, change, access, prolong the agony, salt away, uphold, watch over, play along, castellated, drag out, lionise, abide, block, cage, withstand, have got, go by, acknowledge, cling, hinder, obligate, stay, press ahead, shackle, battlements, harbor, imprison, respect, hinder, occupy, restrain, persist, animation, conceal, financial support, nurture, defend, attend, press, remember, redeem, collect, lie, set, hold the line, stabilize, carry on, foreclose, take for, march on, abstain, lavish, hold down, keep on, repel, offer, strike
Examples of usage:
1. Are we going to keep him with us? - "Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Big Woods", Laura Lee Hope.
2. There is one thing that it would be very wrong to keep back from you. - "The Napoleon of the People", Honore de Balzac.
3. He had made a place in the world for me; I could keep his place ready for him. - "The Place Beyond the Winds", Harriet T. Comstock.
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