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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for labels. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like labels, you can find another word for labels here at

labels – 140 results
1. categories(part of speech: noun)
2. indicates(part of speech: verb)
3. names(part of speech: noun)
4. names(part of speech: verb)
5. categorizes(part of speech: verb)
6. indications(part of speech: noun)
Examples of usage:
1. " I really do not know, Madam," the doctor replied, " unless you should pound up the seventy- five bottles with their labels, and take those." - "Melody The Story of a Child", Laura E. Richards.
2. About twenty are worth putting labels on," answered Bertha cheerfully. - "The Wide Awake Girls in Winsted", Katharine Ellis Barrett.
3. He thought it great fun to pull up neatly written and carefully disposed garden labels and carry them away to the lawn, for which, though a nuisance, he was forgiven; but his next achievement was a more serious matter. - "Grain and Chaff from an English Manor", Arthur H. Savory.
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