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lash – 293 results
1. fasten(part of speech: verb)
2. attack(part of speech: verb)
3. punishment device(part of speech: noun)
4. Other synonyms:
blunt instrument, aqueous humor, whiplash, rag, pick up, whack, larrup, cut, scold, pelt, rack up, clap, thrash about, beat out, convulse, goad, stroke, whisk, rise, bop, cut down, strap, remonstrate, cuff, blister, gust, lambaste, secure, catch, cast, shell, haymaker, screw, mop up, vanquish, drub, cornea, welt, thresh about, chew up, praise, damn, butt, rebuke, rap, knock, bullwhip, bite, disaster, thud, clout, biff, scourge, box, flogger, lecture, knobkierie, douse, frisk, wallop, call on the carpet, worst, smack, call down, bawl out, crash, dab, hack, beat, dress down, shock, tear someone/something to pieces/shreds, crush, eyebrow, jaw, affect, thong, castigate, smash, reward, rouse, cudgel, arouse, beach, bonk, plump, scald, slash, collide, join, take/bring/hold someone to task, awaken, berate, flip-flop, whiplash injury, wham, whip, thrash, lambast, poke, calamity, buck, take to task, invoke, eye, score, chop, crack, fix, pip, stinger, touch, gash, reproof, provoke, baby blues, freshen, gore, bludgeon, eyelash, have words, thresh, censure, have, lay into, swat, harangue, slug, ciliary muscle, bat, bump, sock, punch, jactitate, pick, tell off, fillip, club, excoriate, boomerang, concussion, slam, thump, reprimand, burrow, bang, ignite, bash, toss, get up, cilium, roast, party whip, cosh, soap, attach, belt, clip, spank, bristle, trim, howl, lather, conjunctiva, blow, stripe, ram, choroid, thwack, tear apart, hook, chew out, buffet, eyeball, run over, chide, beat up, smash into, stun, flog, bust, hide, rip into, misfortune, claw, pin, hammer blow, battering ram, inspire, trounce, lick, brass knuckles, slap, swipe, whop, drop
Examples of usage:
1. And the snake did lash until that it was nigh all eat; and a very strange thing this was to see, and something troublesome to the pity. - "The Night Land", William Hope Hodgson.
2. My great- grandfather Nicarchus used to relate, that the whole body of the people of our city were put in requisition to carry each one a certain measure of corn upon their shoulders to the sea- side near Anticyra, men standing by to quicken them with the lash. - "Plutarch-Lives-of-the-noble-Grecians-and-Romans", Clough, Arthur Hugh.
3. His desire for vengeance upon those who had blasted his young life so cruelly was as strong as ever- nay, stronger, fiftyfold; but he knew that he could never bear the lash. - "Bred in the Bone", James Payn.
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