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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for lean. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like lean, you can find another word for lean here at

lean – 340 results
1. tend(part of speech: verb)
2. severe(part of speech: adjective)
3. narrow(part of speech: adjective)
4. Other synonyms:
turn something inside out, unattainable, spare, fee, incline, concentrate, weedy, arguing, campaign, topple, tip, wizen, crop, weight, lacking, bony, flyblown, petite, emaciated, wobble, cant over, cadaverous, dispose, be given, shrunken, careen, trend, magnetic inclination, thin, haggard, fatless, shriveled, flimsy, lithe, inclining, play, collective, skinny, propensity, spindle-shanked, balance, listing, rake, melt, sit, insufficient, adjust, extend, proclivity, number, trim, scraggy, gone, slant, know best, rise, withered, sway, spin, wiry, slender-waisted, lie, cower, crop circle, guide, underweight, dip, deficient, skeletal, skinless, controversy, anorectic, slim, escape, contention, lam, bestride, have a mind of your own, inclination, operate, straight, consort, range, believe in, combine, accredited, fish, feed, scarper, draw, scarecrowish, execute, endure, slight, cant, track down, roll, fly the coop, leaning, slope, in absentia, cultivate, jellied, hollow-eyed, adhere to, loll, contestation, hold, burrow, missing, sunken-eyed, deep-eyed, spindly, reedlike, lead, business, dainty, twiglike, tend, overturn, pitch, run away, lanky, unprofitable, wispy, bunk, hightail it, say, hunt down, unavailable, cultivated, name, lost, wizened, tip off, sinewy, scrawny, svelte, occupy, tilt, gaunt, lank, gangling, set, run for, gradient, there is/are etc., course, persist, misplaced, tip up, race, hunt, decline, bend, bloated, prevail, muscular, tough, heel over, crop rotation, big, unravel, fragile, grade, wasted, ladder, disputation, corn, carry, turn, squint, stand, move, die hard, tiptoe, flow, crouch, fibrous, rock, exist, stoop, melt down, take to the woods, strong, ply, bleed, double over, disposition, wisplike, angle of inclination, brick-and-mortar, pinched, incline, angle of dip, turn tail, inclination of an orbit, function, rawboned, meager, jerk, think, angle, magnetic dip, reedy, list, cash crop, tippytoe, all-night, tap, argument, away, head for the hills, business-to-business, reckon, anticompetitive, absent, consider, pass, boneless, go, crane, joust, wasp-waisted, tend, stringy, bow, gangly, get, reverse, bend, likely, anorexic, fatless, arable, rest upon, bung, meaty, heel, sparse, work, break away, shrivelled, belong, twiggy, crook, svelte, slant, skimpy, lithe, tendency, scat, tumble, spindle-legged, shift, black market, run, slim-waisted, disceptation, slender
Examples of usage:
1. Then do you think I never lean heavily? - "The Way of Ambition", Robert Hichens.
2. He thought, too, of the lean face and the peculiar, set eye of Dozier. - "Way of the Lawless", Max Brand.
3. He seemed to close his eyes a little then and lean his head towards her. - "The Happy Foreigner", Enid Bagnold.
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