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look – 503 results
1. see(part of speech: verb)
2. appearance(part of speech: noun)
3. observe(part of speech: verb)
4. Other synonyms:
muse, sighting, gaze, garb, disembodied spirit, interpret, way, human face, associate, noticing, find out, aim, go by, cheek, fashion house, concentration, wager, flavor, minister to, occupy, bet, could, concentrate, glance, date, gander, regard, sound, dress, reasoning, construction, pure tone, effect, get wind, attractiveness, fount, sightliness, visit, seek out, account, dress, attend to, contemplate, gorgeousness, forethought, looks, timbre, looks, get a line, step, fairness, prettiness, beautifulness, purport, fairness, focus, discover, flavour, go to, once-over, play, learn, intuitive feeling, tone of voice, look for, serve, visage, okay then, hello, style, tang, looking, hey, verbal expression, reconnaissance, calculate, savor, physiognomy, present, musical note, facial expression, chops, prospect, cuteness, understand, guess, realize, examine, tonicity, attractiveness, require, presence, inspect, loveliness, prowl, probe, feeling, vision, examination, come over, prettiness, eye, reflection, scene, depend, run into, styling, it's just a thought, give ear, descry, cuteness, comeliness, looks, survey, glimpse, beautifulness, aesthetics, glance, check, forecast, consideration, outside, perhaps, come along, numerate, couturier, see, presence, collection, inspection, search, shade, fairness, wait, gestate, facet, fancy, odour, hunting, sense of smell, prettiness, waitress, belong, comeliness, pay heed, tactile sensation, prettiness, find, fairness, gaze, advert, expect, contemplation, be, odor, quality, aesthetics, face, beauteousness, sightliness, visualize, cuteness, olfaction, fairness, become, mug, mien, heart, count, handsomeness, stand, view, construe, outside, under/in the guise of, tend, frown, impression, visage, come out, comeliness, isolate, formula, likeness, olfactory perception, run across, olfactory sensation, nerve, pick up, emotional state, touch, outside, research, beauteousness, speculation, scouting, looking at, garb, survey, control, all right, handsomeness, exist, assure, attending, port, compartmentalize, there is/are etc., take care, Sight, haute couture, loveliness, visualise, dress, beautifulness, project, dress, set, direct, observation, anticipate, seem, envision, prettiness, beauteousness, right, marking, savour, aspect, dress, aesthetics, go steady, lie, assessment, ask, meet, loveliness, smack, look out for, hunt, scrutiny, yo, sapidity, semblance, feature, fashionista, attention, seek, cast about, beautifulness, life, contemplate, presence, looking for, carriage, maybe, tactile property, get, handsomeness, realise, scent, verbalism, rummage, sort, looks, cipher, garb, sit, mind, spirit, looks, go, explore, demeanour, stare, aesthetics, outside, tone, discern, introspection, tint, garb, attractiveness, boldness, visage, side, weigh, visage, to, go out, work out, preview, behold, manner, encounter, attractiveness, cypher, count on, house, beautifulness, just/wait a moment, opine, smell, surface, formulation, manifestation, intent, imagine, facial gesture, hive off, carry, scan, hear, regarding, trawl, take in, sightliness, enumerate, insure, grow, ascertain, experience, might, saying, cuteness, survey, attractiveness, visage, stare, sprightliness, peep, whole tone, have a bun in the oven, sentimentalize, face up, tracking, mask, relish, leer, may, externals, appear, watch, reflexion, contemplation, grammatical construction, eye contact, garb, locution, picture, consider, leer, breast, fashion, expression, escort, panorama, face, comeliness, bear, come across, soul-searching, gorgeousness, hold back, belief, assist, tactual sensation, how about...?, olfactory modality, think, cuteness, liveliness, grimace, suppose, tonus, gorgeousness, olfactory property, appearance, fashion show, get word, go through, wait on, catwalk, loveliness, await, case, see to it, ensure, peep, reckon, flash, check on, hold off, smelling, quest, regard, aesthetics, view, handsomeness, what if...?, confront, comeliness, loveliness, presence, expression, whole step, note, hunt down, compute, sightliness, estimate, tincture, determine, matter, puss, gorgeousness, number, pick through, resemblance, listen up, air, front, hang, sightliness, handsomeness, complexion, gorgeousness, aspect, Goth, opinion, I thought (that), attend, catch, long face, scavenge, aroma, why not...?, touch sensation, behavior, see, feel, squint, typeface, look around, font, notion, beauteousness, beauteousness, brass, care for, thought, timber, keep an eye on, wild-goose chase, presence, outside, search out
Examples of usage:
1. You can look at me!" - "A Top-Floor Idyl", George van Schaick.
2. What truth is that you look for? - "The Maids Tragedy", Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher.
3. My dear, you must not look at me as you do. - "The Perpetual Curate", Mrs [Margaret] Oliphant.
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