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on – 174 results
1. near(part of speech: adjective)
2. Other synonyms:
dapper, burn, functional, all, 190 number, cordless, run, running, show, due, approaching, change, 411, in addition, operational, relatively, here, automatically, embark, altogether, then, detox, corseted, the sum total, underneath, method acting, board, auxiliary, clockwork, Atkins diet, by, 0800 number, all-or-nothing, all-inclusive, in connection with something, disembarkation, analog, capacity, on duty, next, this, clothed, upon, dark, biogas, bespectacled, going, by/in contrast, get on, proceeding, off, dose, at, connected, alive, abstemious, opposite, compared with/to, above, regarding, toward, last, clever, catch, operative, play date, clad, 800 number, energy, dramatic, against, covering, whole, time limit, closing date, go up, 0, the... the..., concerning, transfer, in, 1800 number, complete, contraindication, concerned, broadcast, about, next to, medicated, touching, brown-bag, ahead, attired, whenever, due date, biomass, as for, beam, rep, live, sell-by date, carnivore, seen against something, clean, devoted, until, gas, injection, whereas, under, after, come on, fossil fuel, sunset provision, deplane, dosage, in relation to, drug, working, debonair, crash diet, diet, relative, also, across, in/with regard to, forward, -clad, operating, 999, apart, before, around, dashing, break, everything, cross-dressing, coal-fired, narcotics, when, the last minute, automatic, broken, overall, biofuel, active, cannibalism, report, fuel, timing, OD, acting, 1471, functioning, moving, happening, than, beyond, wholesale, built, televise, transmit, sometime, living, onward, along, deadline, 911, screen, cannibal, 900 number
Examples of usage:
1. " Now then, go on," said Hugh. - "The Crofton Boys", Harriet Martineau.
2. Yes, yes; that is on me. - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith", George Meredith.
3. Come on, Kate, before she has time to. - "Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908", Lucy Maud Montgomery.
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