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pabulum – 34 results
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1. It was a famine that had to be met, and much stodgy food was devoured, many long, hard words were laboriously spelt out, the pabulum offered was but too often dull and dreary. - "Maria Edgeworth", Helen Zimmern.
2. Not only these, but all historical works of value which the English, French, and German languages can furnish, with an immense amount of other intellectual pabulum, were eagerly gathered, consumed with voracious appetite, and thoroughly digested. - "Oration on the Life and Character of Henry Winter Davis", John A. J. Creswell.
3. You will serve your friends with delicate food, simply and daintily prepared, and seasoned with that wit and wisdom which remain as a permanent mental pabulum. - "What a Young Woman Ought to Know", Mary Wood-Allen.
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