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quell – 138 results
1. defeat(part of speech: verb)
2. calm(part of speech: verb)
3. pacify(part of speech: verb)
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Examples of usage:
1. Stuart had seen some of the fighting, and his father had pointed out to him that Port- au- Prince is not the whole of Haiti, nor does one repulse quell a revolt. - "Plotting in Pirate Seas", Francis Rolt-Wheeler.
2. As soon as the regular army is organized it will have to be sent out here on the border to quell fresh Indian uprisings, because these Indians will give us no peace till they are thoroughly thrashed. - "An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill (Colonel W. F. Cody)", Buffalo Bill (William Frederick Cody).
3. He broke off, to quell an invasion into his own private office. - "The Galaxy Primes", Edward Elmer Smith.
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