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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for sad. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like sad, you can find another word for sad here at

sad – 305 results
1. dejected(part of speech: adjective)
2. inferior(part of speech: noun)
3. Other synonyms:
dingy, regretful, anthrax, dispiriting, mournful, downcast, hopeless, meritless, adaptive, dingy, down, distressing, apprehensive, moody, disgraceful, happy, tragical, deplorable, crestfallen, low, babyish, discouraged, crap, splenetic, tristful, good-for-naught, no-count, homesick, heart-broken, uninteresting, addictive, piteous, woebegone, broken down, weary, funereal, terrible, dysphoric, woebegone, acoustic, moving, .saturnine, bleak, clingy, doleful, spiritless, depressing, glum, leaden, lamentable, classical, afflicting, troubling, harmonic, poor, low, poignant, bad, concerned, gloomy, sorrowful, reprehensible, unfortunate, moping, low-grade, unhappy, sulky, grey, bass, cheerless, bluesy, foreboding, distressing, pensive, bitter, despicable, regrettable, harmonious, rueful, sober, grievous, dolorous, jaundiced, pathetic, heart-rending, heart-breaking, lowering, humdrum, yearning, touching, down, lamenting, troubled, rueful, weeping, stricken, somhre, disturbing, pessimistic, pitiful, unwelcome, lamentable, forlorn, constitutionally, careworn, down in the mouth, somber, jaundiced, subdued, bronchitis, dismal, unmanned, worrisome, wretched, tearful, sullen, tearful, tragicomic, melancholy, repining, heartsore, discordant, flat, downcast, plaintive, disquieting, sorrowful, downcast, lackadaisical, dejected, dull, good-for-nothing, thankless, anorexia, oppressed, depressive, execrable, lachrymose, piteous, overcome, bittersweet, blood poisoning, clouded, dire, disconsolate, bitter, no-account, inconsolable, staid, flexible, chap-fallen, pathetic, botulism, second-rate, tedious, worried, querulous, mourning, spiritless, desolate, unexciting, appendicitis, murky, beriberi, desolate, lugubrious, criminal, doleful, upsetting, tragic, contemptible, badass, heartrending, saddening, embarrassing, heartbreaking, atonal, ashen, melancholy, mournful, deplerable, sick, hippish, saddened, woeful, heartsick, horrified, wistful, dark, funky, tragicomical, happy, affecting, no-good, drab, boring, saturnine, heavy, dreary, misfortunate, harrowing, afflicted, chagrined, funereal, disheartened, heavy, in despair, depressing, desponding, Unhappy, desolate, brokenhearted, languishing, dismal, heart-sick, trivial, discouraging, dark, hypochondriacal, hangdog, morbid, despondent, Alzheimer's disease, uninspired, altitude sickness, unhappy, heavy-hearted, pitiable, melancholic, born, down-hearted, sorry, ague, grievous, drear, distressed, vicious, mind-numbing, cast down, distressful, heavy-hearted, hapless, cheerless, sore, cut up, droopy, worrying, flawed, heavyhearted, joyless, careworn, dull, wan, unlively, touching, low-spirited, oppressive, classy, regretful, grave, lugubrious, painful, teary, ferlorn, pensive, gloomy, perturbing, heavy-hearted, gay, condemnable
Examples of usage:
1. It was a sad fate for them, and I pity them. - "The Complete Works of Artemus Ward, Part 1", Charles Farrar Browne.
2. Sad to have a thing like that said about you. - "Loyalties (Fifth Series Plays)", John Galsworthy Last Updated: February 10, 2009.
3. Tegakwita is sad for his sister. - "The Road to Frontenac", Samuel Merwin.
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