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single – 287 results
1. single(part of speech: adjective)
2. celibate(part of speech: adjective)
3. united(part of speech: adjective)
4. Other synonyms:
carnet, unusual, exceptional, check-in, concept album, ball, champion, crease, uncommon, choice, dinar, hotshot, personal, spouseless, batting average, disconnected, ballpark, disk, break point, wizard, equal, class, sui generis, lonely, dining room, fancy-free, ticket, uninominal, divorcee, boundary, concentrated, analog, common, unaccompanied, detached, hit, marriage, cocktail lounge, unconnected, same old, same old, detached, bat, particular, independent, dollar, alley, automatically, advantage, clean, bowl, wiz, balk, public, boarding pass, solo, numerous, stub, at bat, unshared, liner notes, family room, select, secluded, dime, bunt, married, peerless, free, adept, separated, sold out, deserted, cassette, equivalent, isolated, genius, discrete, fly, consistent, taxonomy, companionless, freestanding, domestic partner, interchangeable, live-in, as distinct from, ball boy, boarding card, identical, lonesome, footloose, unattached, unvarying, ct., clever, on the door, clockwork, clay, Bridget Jones, foul, bachelorette, whiz, in isolation, desk, spouseless, superstar, estranged, elect, built, crown, house husband, virtuoso, bowler, oneness, c., unrivaled, baulk, unrelated, do with, album, unattached, iodin, unwedded, foyer, cancellation, break, integrity, e-ticket, 1, item-by-item, one-woman, season ticket, bridal suite, companionless, wholeness, the Davis Cup, mavin, open ticket, widowed, freestanding, ground out, double room, private, mateless, one, steady, baseball, cricket, long-playing record, engaged, angiotensin-converting enzyme, include, type, cross section, whizz, fragmentary, kind, flip side, divorced, auxiliary, case-by-case, star, sort, base, classification, atomic number 53, Gabba, another, many, azygos, one-person, unity, category, ace, sensation, original, coffee shop, family man, disconnected, solo, maven, common law, bus pass, exclusive, baseline, automatic, broken, restricted fare, double, euro, one-man, unshared, divorce, landing card, cent, AUD, unconnected, de facto, batboy, unary, batsman, grouping, rare, azygous, eligible, cordless, general, bit, available, iodine, I, couple, discography, 45, unequaled, damsel, return, stand-alone, bootleg, ticketing, bingle, cull, different, restricted, separate, ball girl, catch, en suite, variety, Lonely, one-member
Examples of usage:
1. I can't see a single old castle. - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith", George Meredith.
2. I, however, saw nothing of him, nor did I meet with a single human being. - "The Bible in Spain", George Borrow.
3. This is a peautiful room for a single gentleman, or even for a man and his wife. - "The Errand Boy", Horatio Alger.
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