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smash – 381 results
1. destroy(part of speech: verb)
2. shatter(part of speech: verb)
3. Other synonyms:
thump, squeeze, spank, strike, stop, drub, douse, peg, break up, demote, scare off, striking, do, burst, impingement, crucify, rush, infract, stain, die, tour de force, smack, expose, pillory, recrudesce, oppress, bash, clash, performer, clangoring, slam, thrash, bam, arrest, nail, slog, flourish, delivery, slap, break away, fringe, blowout, biff, ball boy, pinpoint, separate, come apart, pummel, switch, lash, split up, play, harm, biggie, give, cross up, stinger, clap, brawl, punch, dish, concussion, cross, break, assail, kick, hook, dive, savage, report, squelch, dash, pause, budget items, jam, boom, vanquish, dampen, mantrap, clip, roast, wear out, discover, chip, lick, offend, bring out, pick up, let on, overwhelm, undo, batter, wear, viewgraph, accident, conk out, total, command processing overhead, bankrupt, haymaker, scoot, megahit, divulge, thwack, pick, shellac, part, whomp, develop, frighten off, thrive, let out, break off, overhead, scare, blockbuster, fall in, baste, finish, attack, fail, swat, blindside, break in, deflower, the Davis Cup, clout, flush, wash up, mar, expand, rupture, fall apart, spoil, ruin, hammer, work stoppage, smear, take its toll, concussion, pelt, disfigure, charge, help, bust, pile up, pulverise, broadside, bop, winner, go bad, break point, unwrap, scare away, blow, mash, shock, clangor, eruption, go against, box, bat, snap off, thud, discontinue, wallop, soften, rap, give away, supernova, crash, belt, thunder, collar, jounce, defeat, belted ammunition, whang, a howling success, damage, pass with flying colors, looker, breakdown, sunder, scud, frighten away, reveal, dart, knockout, hack, impregnate, cream, shiver, clay, breach, breakup, wrack, din, check, crack, thresh, cave in, buffet, crush, give way, win, leader, conk, assault, crack up, cop, jar, stripe, smashup, steamroller, whop, bang, kick downstairs, ten-strike, clang, founder, big hitter, whump, torpedo, success story, better, plump, sweetheart, car crash, suppress, lulu, mark, peach, ball girl, wham, complete, erupt, beat, breaking, success, overcome, injure, welt, snap, bang up, get out, belabor, stroke, breeze through, break down, smite, blast, slug, clamour, swipe, hitting, flash, massacre, beauty, alley, chop, whack, paste, command overhead, smash-up, intermit, pop, beep, sweep through, advantage, clobber, dab, backhand, overpower, crumble, transgress, tap, interrupt, daunt, cuff, damp, shoot, bump, aquaplane, violate, dribble, sock, boom out, thunderclap, disk overhead, apprehend, clamor, larrup, smashingly, break-dance, knock, relegate, belt ammunition, jolt, ravisher, sink, lambaste, smasher, cashier, swath, fracture, get around, rend, thrill, hit, clangour, blare, strike at, ball, hurt, split, disclose, boot, prang up, give out, squash, knocking, sail through, clank, corner, fillip, knock up, rift, pass, shell, nab, cacophony, poke, trounce, sever, clack, beat out, pound, nail down, operating expense, weaken, break out, collision, rive, go, ace, collapse, knock down, operating cost, catch, knock out, pall, stunner
Examples of usage:
1. As we are headed now we are on the road for a grand smash. - "The Book of Gud", Dan Spain Harold Hersey.
2. And then the smash- up? - "Ethan Frome", Edith Wharton.
3. And neither of us will live quite long enough to see the smash- up of our own. - "Lady Baltimore", Owen Wister.
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