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take – 1129 results
1. receive(part of speech: verb)
2. acquire(part of speech: verb)
3. take(part of speech: verb)
4. capture(part of speech: verb)
5. Other synonyms:
propel, number, clip, pee-pee, light upon, couple, arrogate, end, look at, lodge in, hold back, tick away, twig, commence, top, get, impress, scoop out, shine, pack, deplane, memorise, compartmentalize, shape up, engross, adhere to, learn, direct, shell out, final payment, urinate, come, come by, comprise, fritter, reserve, strike, board, piddle, gull, contain, yield, blank, shit, flimflam, slay, prefer, institute, moot, measure out, wreak, compress, trick, intervene, adjudge, point, dose, behave, own, bobble, income, consider, establish, convey, inquire, affiance, hold in, abate, spud, work, vex, expect, post, opt, reward, refer to, piss, scud, minimum wage, egress, pawn, fruit, concur, lend, grasp, commentary, encounter, memorize, swag, meditate, dispatch, fool, carry on, quantify, come to, shoot down, apply, draw off, rejoinder, bow out, tamp, film, slip by, fool away, detract, start, get a line, aspire, sign on, view, realize, persuade, subject, go through, obligate, take-in, take the bad with the good, suffer, take a shit, civilise, preempt, come up, express, moderate, deal out, send, hit, subtract, tamp down, event, gauge, salary, take for granted, simulate, have a mind of your own, depend on, make for, excise, construe, earn, transmit, lease, harbor, get under one's skin, subscribe, see, piece, pick up, pledge, come off, cry out for, live with, puddle, slice, hold up, charge, result, disembarkation, put up with, work out, retort, administration, bundle, sell, reduce, tax return, highlights, sire, consider, suppose, quest, retain, draw a bead on, restrain, fall upon, check, cope, polish off, reach, abide, make full, add up, take back, forge ahead, waste, slang, living, find, have got, sleep together, adjourn, incorporate, instruct, run through, father, book, meet, name, let, seduce, ken, performance-related pay, take a crap, spend the night with someone, pick out, play, look, turn over, operate, touch, hook on, regaining, handle, register, dig, subtract, push, take out, take for, push back, imagine, money-hungry, run into, harbour, dip out, not give/care a damn (about), invoke, sequestrate, baffle, filler, tear away, motor, pay back, sequester, count, go, fall, defecate, double-cross, teach, trail, bear up, support, bed, embrace, keep back, fasten upon, ravish, claim back, topic, stool, perplex, use, issuing, repel, run, co-opt, posit, photograph, agree, acquit, production, pretend, sting, variation, take on, present, rip off, consume, reply, compass, lot, lay hands on, portion out, used, comeback, sweep away, part, research, beat, ram, bilk, examine, wee, demand, constitute, follow, sate, analyse, the passage of time, render, try on, buck, do, arrive, place, make water, string along, request, dart, set about, bounty, give birth, adopt, believe, contribute, move out, entertain, dive, concern, expunge, dress, pee, treat, deduct, try, induce, oblige, seize on, bring over, break, exhaust, frivol away, attract, ascertain, evolve, collide with, make of, project, abbreviate, mate, restitution, develop, tutor, plight, allot, submit, get rid of, way out, victimize, pull back, opine, defend, tug, retreat, seclude, reckon, dissipate, chance on, channel, attain, resign, recover, believe in, bump off, snatch, get down, sustain, jump into bed with someone, replete, have the hide of an elephant/rhinoceros, take aim, condense, wear on, wad, move back, transfer, mastermind, pull on, perceive, possess, coin, sleep with, snap, chisel, greedy, progress, derive, resign yourself (to something), touch on, plow, back away, time flies, see both sides, allowance, pass on, over, abridge, muse, call, show, resit, determine, arrive at, government issue, on, capture, matter, manage, withstand, construct, acknowledge, produce, lay claim, act, dramatise, pay off, recognise, pile, con, necessary, specialize, shorten, clock, the credits, micturate, get dressed, undertake, experience, interpretation, bring through, prosecute, booty, parcel out, sop up, put one over, not give a hoot/two hoots, discipline, avaricious, worry, squeeze, impart, dupe, resemble, remove, drive, lie with, leverage, know best, quota, bow, ride, off, pocket, need, dislodge, spend a penny, get by, restoration, come upon, bestow, undergo, sign up, press, pull in, stop, wrap up, deem, choose, flush out, engineer, latch on, consequence, crawfish out, return, purport, block, down, propose, get hold of, go for, require, fall back on, payoff, gestate, consummate, extract, make, walk out, ingest, grind, elapse, crap, contract, walk away with, buzz off, sound, select, mint, dash, thrive, scoot, stimulate, associate, utilize, wrest away, stand, carry away, nominate, drug up, head, leave, read, ground, shoot for, clap hands on, help oneself to, fit out, lecture, seize, nurse, reconcile, say, run away with, abstract, deal, dole out, put in, mention, pass, birth, deduct, organize, betroth, bear away, shoot, fill, sign, bewilder, upshot, Lay hold of, cart, measure, tear, concord, clutch, allure, prepare, mother, conceive, shrink, concentrate, cheat, episode, weed out, analyze, riposte, suppose, confine, conduct, exploit, taste, precede, contend, cover, go by, channelize, aim, maneuver, honest, walk on, roll, swindle, prosper, turn back, carry, burgeon forth, cozen, blast, cut out, allude to, corruptible, answer, dramatize, catching, same, magnetize, tackle, form, take off, lock, understand, include, discern, force, larn, kin, divvy up, defraud, like, believe, exit, allow in, resume, intromit, hit on, rook, defy, tell apart, study, assess, stupefy, scram, get word, bring in, abduct, outlet, generate, proceeds, cash in, stock, cause, overhear, accommodate, fire, strickle, mete out, dumbfound, get on, declare, acquire, canvas, trim, gather up, estimate, guide, imply, communicate, fritter away, germinate, command, call back, get to, reside, guard, amaze, create, pluck, bind, clothe, award, jam, beat back, manoeuver, give, affect, deliberate, busy, raise, suck, subscribe to, beget, educate, cut, mulct, retire, nail, backpack, set out, accede, engagement, sham, don, initiate, issue, pay, discount, soak up, grip, gravel, surprise, starvation wages, nonplus, back out, incline, welcome, execute, use up, change, bear, put one across, school, draw back, bring along, pull in one's horns, rail, force back, grab, squander, watch, debate, recapture, tell of, fasten on, make do, haul, diddle, entail, appropriate, inject, condition, coverage, catch, sorb, recognize, invade, accept, interest, emergence, stick, crawfish, flash, curb, advance, go about, cultivate, scan, bugger off, stomach, necessitate, passing, put forward, translate, proportion, take hold, acquire, profit, maintain, have a bun in the oven, interpret, target, get out, find out, murder, effect, call in, make up, ask, fulfil, espouse, chop down, begin, mesh, come across, note, knock off, discover, call for, ware, response, portion, dish out, progeny, takings, take a leak, content, sweep up, extend, bring forth, progress to, build, bourgeon, orchestrate, postulate, fill up, scratch, address, chair, action replay, make believe, enquire, take over, suck in, invite, load down, stockpile, deliver, take-away, withdraw, steer, not give a fig about/for something, calculate, deport, drug, homecoming, appeal, tolerate, embark, offspring, output, ready, flummox, scoop, organise, brave out, entrap, presume, shot, claim, fix, occupy, contact, retake, entice, wee-wee, cop, talk in terms of something, assume, budge, let in, hive off, cod, repulse, befool, involve, cram, bomb, be intimate with someone, get off, move, canvass, wear, wrench away, dope, grow, exact, clear, arrest, shunt, comprehend, transport, compact, outcome, record, review, qualify, military issue, carry off, dribble, absent, flood, coach, assume, pass water, receive, get through, sentimentalize, recede, backfire, endure, sweep, savvy, fail, earnings, pull, charter, motion picture, reappearance, be quick/slow on the uptake, someone couldn't care less, realise, deceive, throw, mystify, clutch, apportion, bear off, go on, perform, allow, accept, apprehend, flunk, draw on, think, wage, trade, consent, sicken, mouth, prevail, take the rough with the smooth, distribute, issuance, come on, feign, gather in, pip, specialise, regard, induct, mob, trample something/someone underfoot, groom, care, manhandle, return key, bring around, counter, eat, letter, sense, hear, defer, go toward, allotment, throng, function, think, narrow, cook, scoop up, foreshorten, labour, carry out, bespeak, replication, compute, pull away, satisfy, make out, engage, sway, pursue, civilize, dispense, suck up, guide on, paying back, pullulate, recall, satiate, publication, imbibe, isolate, walk off with, contemplate, bribe, hold, view as, engender, understand, grapple, deprive (of), constrict, copulate, steal, attack, control, lead, conduce, become, state, flow, ca-ca, weigh, channelise, administer, happen upon, burn up, give in, getting even, borrow, look out for yourself/number one, it's all the same to someone, make love, prove, take-up, rebate, slip into, could do with something, spot, relieve oneself, sprout, creep by, income tax return, comport, rely on, lay down, halt, employ, relegate, hit the books, fathom, coming back, disengage, purpose, sex, accompanied, deplete, want, cycle, eat up, be a great/firm believer in something, train, gyp, distinguish, fulfill, bear fruit, enlist, grin and bear it, share, manoeuvre, wipe out, unsay, monetize, rent, lift out, hire, recurrence, cover up, feature, crown, pose, impinge on, puzzle, brook, deny, possess (oneself of), put on, draw, pace out, lump, bring, chance upon, favor, suspect, get into, rise, keep, start out, have, labor, increase, get wind, get together, wages, idle
Examples of usage:
1. " I'll take that back, Joe," said he. - "The Bondboy", George W. (George Washington) Ogden.
2. I have come to take care of you. - "Daisy in the Field", Elizabeth Wetherell.
3. The Doctor had come to take her home! - "Polly of the Hospital Staff", Emma C. Dowd.
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