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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for tranquil. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like tranquil, you can find another word for tranquil here at

tranquil – 118 results
1. calm(part of speech: adjective)
2. unexcitable(part of speech: adjective)
3. peaceful(part of speech: adjective)
4. moderate(part of speech: adjective)
5. motionless(part of speech: adjective)
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Examples of usage:
1. Frequently, indeed, he seemed to know nothing of what had occurred; he would talk of Nina as being in Naples or as having gone down to the theatre; but all the same he was more tranquil. - "Prince Fortunatus", William Black.
2. The dead did not seem to need much pity on this tranquil day. - "Prince Fortunatus", William Black.
3. Looking at the face reflected in the glass, she perceived that it was not quite so tranquil as usual, and was irritated at finding that Mrs. Tell's words had disturbed her. - "A Vanished Hand", Sarah Doudney.
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