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ubiquity – 10 results
1. universality(part of speech: noun)
2. Other synonyms:
pervasion, ubiquitousness, pervasiveness, omnipresence, all-presence
Examples of usage:
1. Mr. Edison throws also a curious side- light on the origin of the comic column in the modern American newspaper, the telegraph giving to a new joke or a good story the ubiquity and instantaneity of an important historical event. - "Edison, His Life and Inventions", Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin.
2. For this object, L'Ouverture appeared gifted with ubiquity. - "The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance", Harriet Martineau.
3. It was a realization of moral ubiquity. - "Humanly Speaking", Samuel McChord Crothers.
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