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vaccinated – 8 results
1. Other synonyms:
inoculated, given mouth vaccine, immunised, protected, immunized, unsusceptible, insusceptible, exempted
Examples of usage:
1. Well, sir, it didn't make no diff'ence whether we'd been did befo' or not, he 'lowed thet he wanted to see us vaccinated ag'in. - "Sonny, A Christmas Guest", Ruth McEnery Stuart.
2. I thought maybe 't was some kind of a disease, and if he knew it was coming, he could give them some sort of a medicine to keep it away- like being vaccinated so's not to have smallpox, you know. - "Mary Marie", Eleanor H. Porter.
3. Tarn accepted all that the law required; he registered the birth of the child and he had her vaccinated. - "Here and Hereafter", Barry Pain.
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