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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for wet. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like wet, you can find another word for wet here at

wet – 308 results
1. moisten(part of speech: verb)
2. wet(part of speech: adjective)
3. moist(part of speech: adjective)
4. watery(part of speech: adjective)
5. Other synonyms:
wimpish, drunken, invertebrate, stoned, clear, blind, gutless, riled, tacky, gooey, potted, drunk, mean, dry, souse, sweaty, defecate, irritated, tight, wicked, moist, stormy, sloppy, ludicrous, implike, bowel movement, snowy, absurd, muddy, nettled, gassed, idiotic, moneyed, dampish, sodden, soggy, steamy, sloshed, saccharine, preposterous, soppy, askew, awry, reeking, strong, dank, undried, mistaken, lit up, spineless, soupy, nasty, tanked, inebriate, evacuate, gentle, doused, slimy, weak-willed, unwavering, washed, aqueous, drenching, sozzled, miry, in all weather(s), sugarcoated, inebriated, stewed, lovey-dovey, lopsided, nerveless, soaked, water-soaked, schmaltzy, blind drunk, plastered, spoony, bombed, limp-wristed, cloudy, dunked, ridiculous, in buckets, the wet, bursting, blotto, constipation, torrential, wimpy, sunny, snowbound, rigid, skew-whiff, ripped, saturated, steadfast, sprinkled, cockeyed, lactating, taut, hose, egestion, smashed, quaggy, directionless, firm, pixilated, sweating, stringent, cloying, lymphatic, driving snow/rain, bedewed, characterless, waterlogged, besotted, misty, wiped out, compressed, soaked, prankish, puckish, blitzed, fresh, loaded, mischievous, frail, effete, pickled, misled, stinking, unshakable, wringing wet, slushy, looped, unfaltering, precipitating, bathe, sloughy, foggy, tiddley, miffed, drench, saturate, pouring, boozy, wasted, hard, oiled, squirt, weak-kneed, Watery, humid, squiffy, drenched, wring, soft, alcoholic, canned, ladened, sugary, fried, boggy, sappy, chocolate-box, clammy, saturated, mucky, starchy, dank, flush, drippy, nonsensical, swampy, rainy, lame-duck, close, peeved, sop, damp, dewy, high, crap, mingy, fuddled, fruity, crocked, sottish, stung, watered, rigorous, intoxicated, affluent, steady, douse, milk-and-water, wonky, tiddly, muggy, stiff, weak, potent, unsettled, sentimental, juiced, sealed, steamed, pissed off, slippery, watery, dabbled, wealthy, novelettish, pie-eyed, blasted, moisture, unbendable, sticky, dewy, logged, drenched, soused, sopping, wipe up, hammered, arch, weakened, showery, slopped, potty, soak, moist, perspiring, lit, bedraggled, dried, roiled, tipsy, impish, dripping, squiffed, laden, mawkish, aquatic, be easily led, damp, bedwetting, wrong, inaccurate, derisory, susceptible, soaking, besprent, constipated, buckram, humid, impaired, wash, annoyed, laughable, slicked, open, maudlin, miserly, sodden, steaming, pissed, drizzly, wishy-washy, dripping, weakling, namby-pamby, mushy, marshy
Examples of usage:
1. All the people arrived at the place by the spring and a big storm came and wet all of them. - "Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore", Fay-Cooper Cole.
2. And he’ s all wet and cold. - "Carolyn of the Corners", Ruth Belmore Endicott.
3. When she left off laughing her eyes were wet with tears. - "The Darling and Other Stories", Anton Chekhov.
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