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With – 118 results
1. Other synonyms:
whereas, carriage, supportive, approving, on account of, nevertheless, in spite of something, clockwise, affirmative, barring, failing, personal, ahead, anyhow, slip by, balance, participative, for, notwithstanding, pose, common, first-hand, pro, into, left, anorexic, through someone's eyes, in the company of, due to, per, in view of something, anemic, alongside of, regardless of, downwind, concussed, elapse, from the horse's mouth, against, passing, because, at least, amidst, all/just the same, through, anyway, aboard, collective, nonetheless, still, in conjunction with, arm in arm, through, positive, stance, among other things, position, at, time flies, amid, via, partial, distributed, diabetic, asthmatic, tick away, the passage of time, wear on, cheek by jowl, cum, indivisible, in company with, squarely, directly, undivided, down, corporate, uneven, beside, given, in light of something, close to home, counterclockwise, sympathetic, posture, agoraphobic, along with, side, dehydrated, hand in glove, in, go by, including, bearing, first/second/third hand, among, cross-country, for all, from, around, vicarious, brain-dead, deportment, anaemic, eastbound, in association, simple, creep by, arthritic, attitude, owing to, in the midst of, direct, poise, despite, homeward, intervene, by virtue of something
Examples of usage:
1. What are you goin' to do with it? - "Love Stories", Mary Roberts Rinehart.
2. Not so with Dr. Etherington. - "The Monikins", J. Fenimore Cooper.
3. I could do with it. - "The Adventures of Sally", P. G. Wodehouse.
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