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YEP – 30 results
1. Other synonyms:
I don't mind if I do, gladly, undoubtedly, willingly, right on, yeah, alright, naturally, all right, uh-huh, exactly, sure, assuredly, that's right, yo, aye, OK, affirm, you're on, absolutely, Roger, yes, of course, agreed, unquestionably, by all means, definitely, okeydoke, yea, indubitably
Examples of usage:
1. " Yep, it's me," Hanlon grinned. - "Man of Many Minds", E. Everett Evans.
2. " Yep," said Jake, " an' the man said you was to plait your hair in two parts an' let 'em hang over your shoulders. - "Lovey Mary", Alice Hegan Rice.
3. Yep, it was Tom. - "In the Bishop's Carriage", Miriam Michelson.
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