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YO – 18 results
1. Other synonyms:
hey, hiya, good morning, yea, yep, hello, exactly, hi, all right, aye, okeydoke, OK, good day, good evening, good afternoon, yeah, alright, pleased to meet you
Examples of usage:
1. He broke into the villainous ditty: 'Yo ho, yo ho, the frisky plank, You walks along it so, Till it goes down and you goes down To Davy Jones below! - "Peter and Wendy", James Matthew Barrie.
2. I'll bring 'im heah, ef yo wait, seh. - "In Her Own Right", John Reed Scott.
3. You dare to tell yer name, or yer fader's name, or wha yo come from, and I cut yo' eyes out! - "Tales of the Chesapeake", George Alfred Townsend.
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