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mealy – 78 results
1. powdery(part of speech: adjective)
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Examples of usage:
1. Its mealy- looking contents are removed, and the case reported by the smith. - "Diseases of the Horse's Foot", Harry Caulton Reeks.
2. That which at the right moment was plump with mealy richness, a quarter of an hour later shrivels and becomes watery- and it is in this state that roast potatoes are most frequently served. - "The American Woman's Home", Catherine E. Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe.
3. The last thing before you leave the room, be sure to set before the fire a nice bowl of mealy potatoes bursting from their jackets, a couple of herrings broiled to a turn, and a jug of sweet buttermilk- and, whatever you do, never forget the salt! - "The Old-Fashioned Fairy Book", Constance Cary Harrison.
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