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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for not. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like not, you can find another word for not here at

not – 42 results
1. Other synonyms:
for crying out loud, least, brother, below, less, no way, anyway, what (has) happened to something, what's the big idea?, for heaven's sake/sakes, for pity's sake, non-, not really, keep, of course not, what's that supposed to mean?, where has someone/something gotten to?, by no means, how, lesser, no, on no account/not on any account, the next best/largest/smallest etc., hardly, just, kindly, under, nowhere/not anywhere near, do with, darn, non, hell, negative, no dice, not so... (as), what has/will become of, un-, give me strength, in-, certainly not, give me a break, what's gotten into someone?
Examples of usage:
1. " I told you not to. - "The Ancient Law", Ellen Glasgow.
2. I like it not, I like it not. - "A Double Knot", George Manville Fenn.
3. I do not know, but I believe not. - "The Eye of Osiris", R. Austin Freeman.
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