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have – 681 results
1. possess(part of speech: verb)
2. grip(part of speech: verb)
3. Other synonyms:
demand, take away, disinvite, of necessity, guest, bring in, thrust, occupy, realise, hold tight, behave, eat, lie with, set off, peddle, vex, study, aggress, comport, name, come, cast, know for a fact (that), got, bewilder, get under one's skin, stupefy, answer for, hurl, entertain, construct, sex, arrest, savor, sign on, recruit, skew, exact, adopt, fetch, accept/face the consequences, go, waste, build, ache, procure, choose, sell, hang on, command, execute, dumbfound, go about, postpone, necessitate, birth, shoot, prevail, trigger, sail into, come under fire, grow, afford, pull in, pee-pee, angle, take a shit, call for, fix, dupe, hold, nurse, involve, mislead, be intimate with someone, beat, give way, hand over, must, rent, at all costs, curb, be called on the carpet, micturate, overturn, sustain, bedevil, view, put money on something, train, put up, deplete, basic, bemuse, produce, make believe, turn over, fall on, hurt, no doubt/question but that, born, copulate, direct, put aside, move over, broken, essential, keep hold of something, be meant to do something, assault, require, gain, perk up, give birth, Croesus, remove, launch, indulge, look at, deport, bear the responsibility, absorb, fat cat, inspire, baffle, beset, schedule, honest, humbug, draw, arouse, flawed, set about, switch, see, derive, allow, pretend, eat up, defend, pay back, affirm, flummox, strike, influence, bamboozle, devote, fox, consecrate, declare, confound, engender, deceive, guide, constitute, move, earn, ware, swallow, down, take charge (of), possess, decide, fit in, cradle, wee-wee, pick someone's brains, possess, be in/out of the firing line, corroborate, come in for, submit, sleep with, ask, maintain, fall in, turn to, bring, permit, deal, project, beyond/without a shadow of a doubt, book, take the lead, founder, agree, arm's-length, hold on, bear, flexible, lose, relieve oneself, take over, look to, under siege, contribute, brook, clannish, charter, retail, reserve, bring forth, hasten, fuddle, show, create, receive, moderate, compulsory, start, form, take-in, have got, suck, consent, gravel, develop, feature, draw up, halt, stand, think ahead, exhaust, render, plutocrat, embody, excite, commit, face the music, sorted, inaugurate, commence, assail, stick, admit, provoke, watch, accept, pass, invent, tolerate, carry out, defy, babyish, pass on, hold, lead to, mystify, bring forward, spare, get down, abide, deem, consume, hit, collapse, fork up, obtain, find (the) time, put down, delude, be, think, reschedule, consummate, light into, get it in the neck, arrive, be possessed of, rearrange, bluff, silk stocking, in my humble opinion, constitutionally, shake, shed, moneybags, partake, take aim, countenance, suck up, prolong, take a hit, stir, oblige, experience, hawk, nominate, make love, leave, surely, deep pocket, concord, throw away, ingest, wealthy person, accommodate, rich person, reverse, dream up, progress to, energise, perplex, crap, plutocrat, substantiate, affect, have time on your hands, appoint, convey, ca-ca, maintain, set out, expect, encompass, redeem, invoke, assimilate, support, turn something inside out, bed, slang, undergo, fat cat, have over, grow in, puzzle, drive, feel, carry, cast off, push, attack, conduct, tip up, dedicate, have round, gain, live, encounter, give up, do, say, put on, go at, jump into bed with someone, brace, necessary, mate, stage, be in possession of, indispensable, engage, extradite, return, double-cross, shit, pitch into, welcome, kick in, awaken, withstand, stimulate, gather in, attain, touch, go down with, acquainted, get together, reckon, hold in, pee, reach, harbor, comprise, overhear, lay down, grab, adaptive, display, scram, spin, obligate, restrain, take, capture, receive, stick out, be reared on something, pack a punch, sound out, tilt, take up, orchestrate, couple, shake up, hire, seduce, select, speak for, prepare, bring about, afflict, find, confute, fill, come down with, learn, consult, seem, get to, four-flush, fork over, induce, rich, I bet/I'll bet (that), confuse, incline, suffer, storm, know best, wee, stock, grant, put one across, wipe out, amaze, hoodwink, undoubtedly, cod, trick, nurture, organize, close, perform, beguile, carry on, flip, pack, take a crap, stomach, Croesus, run through, I'll hold you to that, planned, use up, have in, father, take a leak, moneybags, prove, come by, pick out, spend the night with someone, score, spend a penny, befool, nourish, energize, aim, feelings, turn in, auction, cede, obligatory, deliver, break, get, induct, imbibe, drive home, obtain, keep up, count in, brotherly, take on, pose, money, pick up, cosy, possess, sleep together, fork out, comprehend, deflower, act, start off, finalize, without fail, manage, squander, rouse, employ, befuddle, make water, gull, money, establish, bugger off, give, belong to, unless I'm mistaken, contrive, begin, ask around, try, live with, feed, connected, arrange, map out, let, chummy, catalyze, wear, rate, owned, realize, apply, own, piddle, hold, generate, discombobulate, enjoy, make, mother, devour, cause, pitch, put one over, cook, lead, stool, rescue, postulate, boast, pay off, taste, throw off, go for, arrive at, take for, confine, incorporate, have a bun in the oven, check, sacrifice, brittle, save, time, view as, deep pocket, withdraw, pass water, present, adhere to, need, hand, throw, correct me if I'm wrong, badass, contain, plan, adjust, surrender, digest, invade, done, become, suck in, defecate, turn, classy, sire, fool, put back, ready, consider, catch, knowledge, shall, clear, film, squeeze in, participate, bind, incur, beget, rush, subscribe, color, addictive, get hold of, keep back, subsume, piss, hold back, invite, gift, subscribe to, sport, assume, go through, guard, turn out, read, chip in, drop, retain, cave in, pay, tend, concur, clingy, bristle with, sop up, put off, ease up, exhibit, believe in, own, puddle, build in, work, have a mind of your own, contract, open, start out, vital, lease, soak up, shake off, buzz off, roll, Also hold, ignite, confirm, make up, acquit, hold up, cozen, control, meet, silk stocking, collect, include, endure, nonplus, pursue, betray, know, harbour, sign, urinate, impart, catering, add on, take hold, bring on, gestate, own, adjudge, yield
Examples of usage:
1. You will have much to tell me." - "The Truants", A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason.
2. Have you, Dr. Forge? - "The Mandarin's Fan", Fergus Hume.
3. You shall have her. - "The Bad Man", Charles Hanson Towne.
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