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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for charge. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like charge, you can find another word for charge here at

charge – 859 results
1. authority(part of speech: noun)
2. blame(part of speech: verb)
3. sue(part of speech: verb)
4. price(part of speech: verb)
5. accusation(part of speech: noun)
6. command(part of speech: noun)
7. command(part of speech: verb)
8. lawsuit(part of speech: noun)
9. attack(part of speech: verb)
10. accuse(part of speech: verb)
11. attack(part of speech: noun)
12. electricity(part of speech: noun)
13. delegate(part of speech: verb)
14. offense(part of speech: noun)
15. price(part of speech: noun)
16. energize(part of speech: verb)
17. Other synonyms:
offer, book, controlling, post, pledge, body search, injunction, scoot, decree, prefer charges (against someone), point, frisson, lade, price tag, tuition, care, military commission, hot flash, scud, acquit, safekeeping, iron boot, sprout, rupture, confide, send, brief, burthen, blood relation, concern, pin, swoop, superintendence, register, finance, summon, kicking, boss around, accuse, haste, disturb, eldest, emotional, send off, announcement, pack, inflammable, gripe, caution, encumber, iron heel, blast, commove, beef, expenditure, fault, assessment, snap, bring before, praise, show, guide, blood, apprehension, bespeak, commitment, level off, jerk, transport, bill, film, forethought, be quick on your feet, intendance, commissioning, bust, cumber, arc, target, fritter, tear, transfuse, adulterate, wind up, avowal, responsible, commit, appeal, precaution, bid, bring someone up on charges of something, nominate, ambush, operation, admonition, counseling, business, instruct, heyday, request, stirring, taper, cathexis, waken, broadcast, awaken, send out, shake up, stretch, attempt, assurance, vote out, outpouring, head, squawk, accommodate, blackout, put, even, carriage, top off, transmit, enjoyment, trip, assignment, bam, pump up, dictate, tear down, blame, debase, call for, laden, channelize, way, hurry, overbear, titillation, fringe, aid, flush, disbursement, committal, stick, Attack, hasten, custody, shudder, perpetration, impute to, dash, even out, buck, edict, shake, weight down, ride, press, indicate, warhead, give, blitz, refer, attestation, pullulate, attention, flood, apologia, oversight, bang, behest, debit, keeping, pay, assertion, pip, maintenance, burster, committee, level, load, outpace, superintendency, file, acquittal, sharpen, put up, headship, perpetrate, breathalyze, oversight, handling, depend upon, depend on, smasher, wake up, intrust, commandment, deplume, pervade, gallop, thrill, sex, words, military mission, bash, stir, detonator, bloom, emotive, trust, invest, flash, upkeep, outgo, orient, managing, focusing, rout out, focus, knock, the elder, speed, pay out, bursting charge, rushing, deputation, require, payload, fly, devolve on, speech, set on, raze, black sheep, explosive, mug, credit, statement, lay something at someone's door, kill, steer, station, devoir, constitute, clanswoman, manoeuvre, blossom, missionary station, saddle, pluck, supervising, operation, enjoin, delegation, governance, heap, bind, repoint, bid, come at, clip, betoken, go against, kick, weight, stick on, level at, hinge upon, photograph, institutionalize, permeate, flower, crusade, imperative, hinge on, regulation, directive, find fault, dart, consecrate, burden, maneuver, stewardship, order around, pull, comportment, drag down, inflation, job, spend, race, push, heraldic bearing, drive out, aim, surveillance, efflorescence, armorial bearing, instruction, budge, explosive charge, luff, go for, rush, dependent, presence, bar, belt, fritter away, take down, order, pick, complaint, superintendence, push around, round, dismantle, dedicate, wedge, bourgeon, disburse, cathartic, vote down, press down on, demand, need, blitzkrieg, breath test, upsurge, pile, fear, bearing, charge up, annul, brownout, freight, bring in a verdict, bounty hunter, bear the cost/expense etc., load up, hitch, bestir, jollies, vex, blush, nitroglycerin, ill, guardianship, get off, frivol away, land, displume, force out, active, smash, tingle, fund, direction, fill, missionary work, fee, rase, excite, ante, coup de main, tutelage, offensive, salvo, impregnate, heading, peak, energise, chill, steering, arc light, onset, rousing, shiver, claim, deplumate, fly at, consign, inflate, sale, delegacy, surge, arouse, affirmation, clansman, call, rouse, deposit, turn on, campaign, lodge, rap, superintendency, pounding, wallop, bitch, descent, supervision, guidance, practice, stimulate, plead, swamp, insist on something, shoot down, take, appoint, invest in, apology, pull down, award, tutorship, spud, bear down on, ailment, do, beg, dilute, the boot, full, imbue, run, centering, responsibility, fool, saturate, counsel, electric charge, presidency, billing, clap, invite, elder, inject, incumbency, tending, apportion, ask for, stewardship, devote, bear down, suffuse, file away, missionary post, focussing, stir up, ship, agitate, dissipate, weigh down, place, shift, mail, fool away, down, channelise, focal point, rosiness, signal, foreign mission, switch on, detail, wake, obligation, put in, apprehend, lay, spate, over, quiver, regulation, tanning, prime, posture, burgeon forth, criminate, word, strike at, fuse, imperative, tax with, germinate, arrest, recoil, overwhelming, mien, eruption, blow up, manoeuver, running, trip out, beam, defeat, raise up, exhilaration, counselling, gush, institutionalise, ammunition, do, air, obligate, mission, moving, accredit, boot, placard, counterattack, tell, foment, dish out, entry, shrapnel, commission, shoot, administration
Examples of usage:
1. They can't surprise me by any charge they may bring! - "When Egypt Went Broke", Holman Day.
2. And even if, after all, you should marry him, what sort of a man is he to have charge of a little boy like David? - "The Awakening of Helena Richie", Margaret Deland.
3. Stirling took quiet charge of the ship. - "The Ice Pilot", Henry Leverage.
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