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Our website is a database of synonyms for different English words. Here you can find all synonyms for block. Whether you're writing a novel, student essay or just interested in other words like block, you can find another word for block here at

block – 632 results
1. close(part of speech: verb)
2. square(part of speech: noun)
3. prohibit(part of speech: verb)
4. punishment device(part of speech: noun)
5. measure(part of speech: noun)
6. hinder(part of speech: verb)
7. hindrance(part of speech: noun)
8. Other synonyms:
come, borough, closing, batch, mob, outline, greenfield site, duck, halt, hold back, obturate, keep mum, turn back, cease, debar, choke up, evade, hitch, closure, coalition, constellation, ram, hit, foam, thrust, tackle, epoch, lie low, segment, stop, hinder, beat up, shut down, back up, stoppage, set, terminate, embarrass, resolution, square block, capacity, array, sketch, stuff, solid, cluster, contain, band, mental block, combine, set, immobilize, finish, bloc, blockage, set, stymy, clod, cake, auction block, plosive speech sound, suspend, chain, stop dead, drop back, froth, bobble, sect, passel, jam, overgorge, axis, immobilise, forfend, pile, stanch, gormandize, crush, blockade, dummy up, give up, fiber, engorge, slice, forefend, freeze, tote, blank, obstruct, close off, battery, ingot, be quiet, skirt, chop down, leave, facility, cylinder block, trap, mass, federation, law of closure, intercept, fudge, knock something on the head, noggin, close down, overindulge, embarrassment, let, predicament, satiate, belt up, gag law, shut up, lot, hold on, pulley, duration, traverse, freeze down, muster, blank out, barracks, charge, clam up, party, ward off, city block, allowance, axis, trammel, binge, stymie, embarrassment, lot, battery, ingurgitate, distance, wad, dead heat, fog, complex, cluster, hoist, clutch, amount, discourage, agora, assemblage, bank, bend, huddle, countdown, package, alliance, engine block, wall, wheel, stop over, full stop, piece, confederation, hunk, plosive, something goes in one ear and out the other, break off, seal off, constellation, installation, edifice, barrio, point, throng, problem, shutdown, capture, tree, period, button up, bandwidth, bit, quit, the blocks, full point, accumulation, farce, folly, side, forget, bunch, get in the way of something, hold, layover, array, section, parry, glut, block up, head off, union, stone, interference, bloc, table, bank, distract, loaf, wing, plosive consonant, stumbling block, occluded front, combination, fold, cantonment, clot, put off, nob, get/become lost (in something), noodle, chain, burn, subdivision, arrest, tuck away, stave off, occlusion, apartment complex, brownfield, party, balance, burn in, construction, wing, stopover, body, conceal, combination, day, sect, cloture, slab, come on, baton, set, pig out, shut off, blocking, false start, head, mazard, parcel, obviate, settlement, discontinue, regular hexahedron, development, dodge, barricado, occlude, stem, pate, slip through the net/cracks, side, tug, bloc, coalition, building site, bloc, beat, street, grouping, access, planned, parcel, retard, forgetful, band, base, come in, dpi, block off, call up, neighborhood, quarter-acre block, scarf out, close up, camouflage, stumbling block, chock up, hide, occlusive, ahead, bury, baud, clot, counteract, third power, gormandise, suite, conk, clump, suite, avoid, pack, era, clutch, arithmetic, draw a blank, fibre, pin, break, trammel, shackles, lay off, brick, backlog, huddle, englut, browse, foil, adumbrate, author, grouping, gag rule, poll, megaplex, help, impede, package, cloud, deflect, pin down, holdback, cross, banish, cabbagetown, batch, draft, abash, intersection, end, shove, federation, mask, let, squash, dash, absent-minded, the built environment, jampack, clock, cube, cover, collection, noddle, date, armpit, byte, coalition, burbs, coalition, erection, clump, obscure, assemblage, come off, avert, combine, kibosh, elude, GHz, union, diaphragm, freeze out, allocation, chunk, hedge, nut, dive, manacle, oblong, bunch, muster, circumvent, exclude, relegate, archive, building, senior moment, balk, cps, shackles, billow, infill, manacle, pulley-block, closedown, nob, area, submerge, gorge, site, hank, stop consonant, blot out, alliance, inconvenience, oblivion, bean, staunch, passel, overeat, clock speed, chapter, dome, center, fend off, confederation, sidestep, lug, squeeze, call, open, holdback, gourmandize, collection, cram, construction site, turn away, mazard
Examples of usage:
1. " Ned, give me a hand with this block," Tom went on. - "Tom Swift and his Giant Cannon or, The Longest Shots on Record", Victor Appleton.
2. But the next day Santosh came running to me from his home on the next block. - "Autobiography of a YOGI", Paramhansa Yogananda.
3. Besides, he added, as he and Tom helped the others climb to the surface, we want to kick down this dirt to block the tunnel. - "The Radio Boys with the Revenue Guards", Gerald Breckenridge.
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